20 Top Catering Professionals Who Need to Be on Your Event Planning Vendor List

May 27, 2023 Jessica Stewart

Calling all New York event professionals! If these brilliant catering partners aren’t on your events vendor lists, you’re missing out on the best of the best. Find your magic wand with one of these event catering professionals and their impeccable menus and mouth-watering fare.

Why Your Event Services List Needs a Top-Notch Caterer

No matter how extravagant you curate an event, if the meal service is mediocre, the food is bland, or the meal presentation is less than stellar, your guests will be impacted. Of all the event services vendors you're working with, who you choose to bring in for catering can make or break your event. Always be on the lookout for emerging culinary experts. Sample the menus before you plan them. And plan your New York events with one of these top catering professionals for incredible meal experiences every time!

1. Marcia Selden Catering & Events 

Delight and dazzle your New York event guests with the stunning meal service displays, service, and recipes of Marcia Selden Catering!

2. Olivier Cheng Catering

With more than 15 years of event culinary experience, Olivier Cheng Catering continues to bring innovative experiences with every bite.

3. CulinArt Group Catering

Redefining elegant food and culinary delights, New York event planners can always turn to CulinArt Group Catering for wow factor catering.

4. Thomas Preti

Events are for savoring, and Thomas Preti is one of NYC’s finest catering professionals.

5. 5 Senses Catering

From intimate dinner parties to lavish corporate galas, Five Senses Catering can customize a total, mouth-watering event dining experience.

6. Great Performances

Invite premier event catering experiences to your New York events when you partner with Great Performances Catering & Events.

7. Pinch Food Design

When your NYC event calls for unique and non-traditional presentations or delectable bites, Pinch Food Design will stun your crowds and delight their palates.

8. Relish Caterers

Social events, weddings, corporate catering, or workplace dining, Relish Caterers in New York City can do it all!

9. Delivering Experiences

The name says it all! When your event needs to deliver more than just a delicious meal, let Delivering Experiences elevate your occasion’s meal service to the absolute next level.

10. Marcey Brownstein Catering & Events

Outstanding food, extraordinary presentations, and culinary artistry all come together for every event that Marcey Brownstein Catering & Events curates.

11. Abigail Kirsch Catering & Events

Experience a culinary collective like nothing you’ve experienced before when Abigail Kirsch Catering & Events works your special NYC event.

12. Mary Giuliani Catering

Mary Giuliani Catering & Events has been NYC’s premier catering partner as a master in celebrating food, designing artistic presentations, and transforming the art of entertaining.

13. Events By Rhubarb

Custom menus and deliciously different food are what New York event planners can expect with Events By Rhubarb!

14. On the Marc Events

When your event’s meal service needs to be elegant, innovative, and delightful, On the Marc Events brings food designed to impress!

15. Scoozi Events NYC

All of your event food service challenges are solved when you bring in Scoozi Events NYC for reimagined catering, fare, and beverages.

16. Creative Edge Parties

Creative Edge Parties NYC is one of the pioneers of “food as design” event presentations and a top choice among event planners as the culinary pro of choice.

17. The Perfect Table

For all your corporate events, company holiday parties, product launches, or fundraising events, The Perfect Table ensures every morsel and delectable bite is, well, perfect!

18. Union Square Events

Expect sheer culinary excellence and sustainable preparation when you partner with Union Square Events for catering your NYC events.

19. Alexandra Dettori Catering & Events 

No event is too bold or too small for Alexandra Dettori Catering & Events, where incredible food, craft beverages, and impeccable service come together for every event.

20. Savory Hospitality

Think boutique food, customizable menus, and locally sourced ingredients, and you have exquisite catering service from Savory Hospitality

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