The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Event's Drink Menu

June 14, 2023 Jessica Stewart

New York event planners curate every detail, from choosing the best-fit venue to booking performers and everything in between. And choosing your event’s menu always takes careful consideration, planning, and sampling. But in your tasting and planning efforts, don’t overlook the engaging power and event-elevating chops of a great signature drink. Developing your event’s drink menu can be equally impressive to guests and event clients. Today, we’ll help you get inspired with this ultimate guide for creating memorable and delicious drink menus.

Match the Signature Drink to Your Event Theme

Consider creating an event drink menu that coordinates with your event’s theme and purpose. Get creative with signature drink “names,” ingredients, and presentation so they tie into your overarching event themes.

Guests of Honor: If you’re planning a social event, consider creating a signature drink to commemorate your guest(s) of honor.

Atmosphere: If your event is upscale, create a posh signature drink to match. Distinguish between hosting a champagne reception versus a backyard draft beer party.

Holidays & Themes: If you’re hosting a rainforest-themed event, your signature drinks should be named or inspired by rainforest-related elements.

Mocktails & Cocktails for Everyone

Be mindful of your guest demographics when crafting your New York event’s drink menu. And when you’re celebrating with all ages, offer mocktail versions of your signature cocktails. Include family-friendly alternatives of the sponsored beverage and other variations so everyone can find just what they want to sip on for the night.

Coffee Bars & Espresso Baristas

Signature drinks and cocktails are great. But your event’s drink menu isn’t all about bar services. Event planners can get especially creative with other drink elements, like impressive coffee bars and talented espresso baristas. Delight your guests with teas, coffees, and favorite blends. And these drink elements are great for both social events and corporate-level engagements.

Cover the Basics, Too

When you’re carving out the full menu of drinks for your New York event, don’t forget to include the basics. Yes, you can create drink-related experiences with signature cocktails and barista coffee services. But your event guests will also find comfort in having the basics available to them. Providing draft beer options alongside your signature martini, for example, can be a great addition. And having ample bottles of water available is always encouraged.

Choosing the Right Drink Service Providers

Be just as diligent and thorough about choosing your event drink menus and service providers. Meet with your bartenders and baristas. Collaborate with in-house venue service providers for these beverages, too. Get creative and sample your signature drinks to ensure they’re brilliantly delicious. 

Get inspired by this guide when crafting all your event’s drink offerings. Make your drink menu just as powerful as every other event element! And for more creative inspiration in curating your New York events, get your tickets to The Event Planner Expo 2023! 

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