Complete Guide to Beverage Bars

December 7, 2022 Jessica Stewart

As a New York event planner, you know first-hand just how mission-critical important it is to get the catering right. But don’t forget to spend some quality time selecting beverage options. While it’s long been an event afterthought, arranging for coffee, tea, and bar service, today’s events are calling for much more from the available drink experiences. Beverage bars are growing in popularity, and these are the insights event planners should know. Learn more about customized bar options in this complete guide to beverage bars.

Coffee Bars and Talented Baristas

Instead of traditional coffee service with limited options, delight your social or corporate event guests with a dedicated coffee bar staffed with talented baristas! Offer a variety of coffee brews and flavors, froths, and espressos to satisfy everyone’s love of coffee. The aromas from a coffee bar can be incredible in the space itself, too.

Hot Cocoa Bars

If you’re planning New York events during the chilly winter months, consider bringing in a hot cocoa bar. These can feature help-yourself extras like marshmallows, sprinkles, and whipped cream toppings. Have your hot chocolate bar staffed with a professional who can get artistically creative with froths and chocolates and maybe even splash a favorite liqueur for flair. Hot cocoa bars are great for those events that have children in attendance, too. 

Wine Bars

Some events call for something a little more upscale, downtown, or cosmopolitan. And the perfect beverage complement for those fundraising galas, red carpet events, or corporate conferences might just be the wine bar. Provide your guests with opportunities to sample some of the finest wines based on regional or seasonal tastes. Bring in the wine service that is just as impressive as the aromas of those delicate wines for an added boost of posh to your aesthetics.

Custom Cocktail Bars

Another upscale event must-have, when celebrating, networking, and socializing are expected, is the custom cocktail bar. Serve up the traditional favorites, including select martinis. But also bring the pros who can also create custom cocktails and unique flavors guests won’t find anywhere else. Don’t skimp on the brand selection either with these. Impress everyone with top-shelf selections to ensure every sip is memorable and delicious.

Don’t just give the caterer a head nod about offering coffee and soda at your next New York event. Consider introducing a beverage bar unique to the preferences of the crowd and step up your service game to impress with whatever beverages they love!

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