What's for Dinner? Have All Your Holiday Party Guests Raving About These Delights

November 4, 2022 Desiree Homer

With the corporate holiday season and year-end celebrations fast approaching, many event planners are asking, what’s for dinner? You understand that choosing the right menu for the occasion matters. And choosing the wrong catering partner or serving a less-than-amazing meal could spell disaster. We dove into the latest holiday party food trends and wanted to share some of these mouth-watering delights. Get inspired and wow your guests this season with these delicious dinner ideas.

Carving Stations Are Always a Win

For all your buffet-style holiday parties this season, consider incorporating the carving station. Guests continue to be impressed with this slice-off-your-perfect-cut service, and it brings an upscale touch to any engagement. Ham, prime rib, duck, and turkey all still rank as top holiday dinner favorites, too.

Bread Puddings the Right Way

There is something warm and comforting about bread pudding at any holiday feast. But there’s certainly a right and wrong way to serve it. To really impress corporate holiday event attendees, get creative by introducing parmesan, mushrooms, or even kale. It’s a holiday staple that deserves to be served. 

Boost Old Favorites with Blue Cheese

Talk with your catering partners and chefs about dishes and sides that incorporate blue cheese. It’s an ingredient that can turn almost any main course into an upscale delight. Beef and blue croquettes, blue cheese bread bites, and pre-dinner salads topped with dry, crumbled morsels will always be adored.

Savory Soups Are Perfect Dinner Companions

Consider having a soup station at your upcoming holiday party or corporate event. Provide all the favorites, like cheddar broccoli, French onion, hearty vegetable, and creamy potato soups. You can incorporate all the best soup condiments, too, like warm and toasty bread selections. And your guests will feel cozy and festive, sipping on steamy soup delights in tandem with the primary meal.

Roll Out the Red Velvet

Another holiday party must-have is red velvet. Not only will attendees appreciate the traditional red velvet cakes, but event planners will also appreciate how wonderfully the red colors complement the dessert table. Branch out, too, beyond the cake and offer up other red velvet creations, including a peppermint red velvet shooter, red velvet cupcakes, and red velvet fudge bars.

What’s for dinner at your corporate holiday parties and celebrations this year? Get inspired by some of these delish ideas and have all your guests raving.

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