These Desserts Are All the Rage in Events Right Now

October 29, 2022 Jessica Stewart

One of the most significant and important elements of any event menu is the dessert. From elaborate wedding cakes to delicious wait-staff-served tarts, guests always look forward to the sweet treats. As a New Your event planner, you can be working with your catering partners to find new and exciting recipes to share. And we’ve put together some trending dessert favorites you can consider for your next event.

Alternative Chocolates

You can’t very well serve dessert without a little chocolate. And while there will always be some guests who don’t like chocolate delights, it’s always a good idea to have some chocolatey goodness on the menu. And now, there are a host of alternative cocoas, including plant-free chocolate, gluten-free chocolate, and even dairy-free chocolate. Consider incorporating a few of these alternatives into your dessert offerings to satisfy your event guests without compromising chocolate altogether.

Cheesecake Desserts

Another fan-favorite dessert that event planners should consider adding to the menu is cheesecake. And today’s catering services have unique and delectable ways to serve cheesecake beyond the traditional slice. Get seasonally inspired with pumpkin and cranberry cheesecake tarts in the fall, strawberry swirls in the spring and summer, and dark chocolate cheesecake bites all year round. Your guests will always appreciate a cheesecake variation on the dessert table.

Gingerbread Wands and Cookies

Another seasonal favorite, especially for those holiday parties you’re planning, involves a good, old-fashioned gingerbread dessert. And there’s no shortage of fun ways to incorporate gingerbread into your dessert lineup. Traditional gingerbread cookies are always welcome, but there are also gingerbread tart recipes and gingerbread wands covered in frosting and sweet sprinkles, perfect for nibbling at an event celebration. Look to bring in a little gingerbread, no matter what form, to include a holiday and seasonal aesthetic into your dessert spread.

Fruit-Infused Dessert Favorites

Today’s party-goers are also becoming more health conscious. But that doesn’t mean you should abandon sugary-fun deliciousness at your events. Instead, find a happy medium where you can offer fruit-infused desserts like ruby red grapefruit tartlets or lemon tang cookies. In addition to the nutritional benefits of fruits, they’re often bright and lovely additions to any event dessert lineup.

Who Doesn’t Love Oreos?

Oreo desserts are great options for events, especially when there are children in attendance. From Oreo mousse cups to Oreo crumble on your cheesecake bits, consider bringing this American favorite to your menu. And Oreo flavors are great for any season and any time of year.

Macarons Are Delightful

Talk to your catering partners about bringing macarons to your special event. These delightful little desserts bring an upscale morsel to any bridal or baby shower, birthday party, bar/bat mitzvah, or corporate holiday party. Available in a variety of hues and flavors, macarons are perfect delectables as a bow on top of your perfect event.

Custom Fortune Cookies

If you’re looking for something novel and delicious for your year-end event or New Year’s party, consider customizing fortune cookies for dessert! These are becoming more popular among eventgoers. And they present an opportunity to introduce unique chocolate or caramel variations with custom well-wishes into 2023.

As a New York event planner, spend some quality time carving out your event dessert menus. And keep these popular sweet treats in mind as absolute crowd-pleasers. 

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