How Foodies Are Changing the Face of Event Planning

June 9, 2019 Susan Serena

Remember the days when people used to sit down at a restaurant and when the food came out to the table, they just ate it?

Right. Neither do we.

The new norm at any eatery is quickly reaching for your mobile device to take pictures at several different angles and using various filters before you take your first bite of food. Everyone has become a photographer and a food critic.

That’s only made chef’s and line cooks up their plating game before sending out food because they know that images of their work will be posted on social media within seconds of hitting the table.

So now that everyone is an honorary food critic, event planners in New York are having to make sure that caterers are up to date with food trends and presentation to impress guests. Remember, the images that will be posted on social media platforms double as an indirect form of marketing event services.

Why? Well, you didn’t ask for images of your event services to be published but the guests will do it anyway, especially on Instagram. More times than not, they will also tag your brand on their posts to let their followers know who’s behind the work they’re displaying.

Food is a focal point at any type of event, and you can bet that guests for social events and attendees for corporate events anticipate what they will be eating days prior to attending. Being that delivering an event experience is what event planners in New York have been focusing their efforts on these days, it’s important to remember that even in the food people WILL expect a top-notch experience.

With the world of food shifting its shape, how do event planners in New York ensure delivering an unforgettable food experience? Let’s review.

Food Trends at Events

Reputation is everything in the events industry which is why it is vital that event pros and vendors are privy to the latest trends and research to avoid falling behind the leading event planning trendsetters. Let’s review some stats you should know about, and that were the result of a survey conducted by OnePoll for Eventbrite in April 2019.

Impressive! Knowing that food is such a major component in measuring event experiences, we’d like to share some of the culinary contributions that have become big menu items for event planners in New York.

Favorite Food Ideas at Events in 2019

Artisanal Donuts such as the creations made by California Donuts (image above) have become all the rage as a dessert option. The flavors, textures, and display being used are sure to deliver an experience to #foodies.

Just like the popular Chef's Table series on Netflix, engage your guests with some live hands-on cooking demos. You could even invite a local celebrity chef to host.

For your enviro-friendly guests (usually a hit at corporate events), introduce local ingredients into the catering menu. People are loving the farm-to-table meals!

What if instead of offering a buffet of food, you offered a line-up of food trucks? Food trucks are always a favorite for outdoor and family events, but could be a fun alternative to a buffet for any event.


Tiny appetizers and desserts are the most guilt-free food to serve at any event! Not only are tiny food menu items adorbs, but they are a hit choice for cocktail hours, meetings, and networking events.

For more ideas on the latest catering trends, keep checking back on our blog each week to stay up to date with the best ways to deliver excellent food experiences for your guests and attendees.

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