NYC’s Best Quiet, Cozy Corners for Coffee Get-Togethers

June 23, 2022 Desiree Homer

New York City is known for a lot of food-related firsts and favorites. From the giant, mouth-watering slice of New York pie to the iconic aromas of a street-side dog, there is always something to enjoy. But when you’re looking for the best coffee in New York City, in a cozy café or quiet coffee shop ambiance, where should you look? Luckily, New York City is pretty special in the coffee department, too. This list is by no means exhaustive, but it features some of the best coffee, the coziest spots, and most ideal places to get together. And they’re great places for New York event planners to find some quiet time for planning and inspiration.

Kinship Coffee, Astoria

Long Island City may have all the fun now, but Kinship runs a popular three-café business in Astoria. In the previous year, the coffee company established its own Astoria roastery, which offers a selection of single-origin coffees and blends. Growlers of cold brew are also available from each location.

Lenox Coffee, 129th Street

Welcome to Lenox Coffee, where the beans are roasted in Lenox, Massachusetts, and the milk comes from Battenkill Valley Creamery upstate. Its cheerful café in Manhattan's Harlem neighborhood has been open since 2011 and offers a modest menu as well as an adequate selection of beer and wine. The pastries come from the Good Batch, Colson Patisserie, and are simply delectable. 

Now Or Never Coffee, 30 Grand St

Enjoy some of the absolute best coffee in New York City at Now Or Never Coffee. Born from an incredible coffee shop experience, the owners brainstormed to come up with a “unique coffee journey” through the Beakers Coffee Lab. Since its opening, this quiet coffee shop provides a wholesome place for get-togethers, incredible coffee, and space to celebrate any of those special “now or never moments.”

Café Integral, 149 Elizabeth St

Set back from Mulberry Street, this Nolita café serves an exclusively Nicaraguan coffee menu created by Nicaraguan-American founder Cesar Vega. Café Integral's own roasted coffee beans are also for sale. Enjoy a quiet, cozy afternoon at this charming coffee pitstop.

Sweetleaf, Queens

This is the original location for Sweetleaf Coffee Roaster. Besides the normal selection of high-quality espresso drinks, two unique ice coffee beverages are worth requesting, both a long way from saccharine concoctions served at big coffee chains. The coffee roaster is open until late in the afternoon, but those seeking a pre-dinner drink or beer can visit Sweetleaf at 4615 Center Boulevard, 46th Avenue.

Voyager Espresso, 110 William St, Lower Level

If you really want cozy café and quiet coffee shop experiences, you might have to go underground, literally. Voyager Espresso feels like a futuristic coffee shop, with a simple menu of great choices, a smoothie menu, and chia pudding for the win. You can even sign up for the doorstep delivery service whereby Voyager Espresso sends global coffee flavors to your door!

Variety Coffee Roasters, 1269 Lexington Ave

One of the OG coffee hotspots going back to 2014, Variety Coffee Roasters has come into its own. Today, you can get cozy on the Upper East Side with warm lighting and softwood finishes. The Chelsea location has all the original coffee house feels, too. But if you’re into a more vibrant, cozy café experience with some of NYC’s best coffee varieties, check out Bushwick, Greenpoint, and Williamsburg, too. If you love chocolatey and nutty roasts, this will be your new favorite.

Gertrude, 204 W 96th St

Gertrude is a tiny, understated café on the Upper West Side that elevates Australian coffee beyond its borders. The cortado is worth a try, and the citrus almond cake is delightful. Spinach egg cheddar croissants or scones with lemon marmalade are other favorite flavors to compliment your cup. The beans come from Brooklyn's Parlor Coffee for those who enjoy a lighter coffee taste and sipping experience.

Le Phin Coffee, 259 E 10th St

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a best coffee in New York City list without some love for Le Phin Coffee. Don’t take our word for it. Check out the reviews about this quiet coffee shop experience with tasty and aromatic brews. “Le Phin is a small neighborhood gem of a coffee shop with its own special cozy charm in the East Village.” 

La Cabra, 152 2nd Ave

You can always tell which place is the best because of just how busy it is. But if you go outside of rush hour, after the long morning lines, you’ll love how refreshing La Cabra can be. And the locals will tell you the Danish import has impeccable coffee, mouth-watering pastries, and table service if you’re interested. And any cappuccino aficionados will appreciate what may be the place to enjoy the perfect cup.

Interlude Coffee & Tea, 145 Hudson St

If you really want a cozy café, step into the Interlude Coffee & Tea, a tastefully understated Tribeca café with coffee, matcha, and pastries. The café is tiny and tranquil, with Breuer seats and marble worktops. Try the espresso tonic for a simple yet refreshing beverage or the not-too-sweet masala chai latte for something more complex. And everyone loves the hot chocolate on the cold NYC winter days.

Chalait, 461 Amsterdam Ave

Matcha is the most popular order at Chalait, an NYC favorite place to grab a cup of Joe. The exquisite all-day menu means it’s perfect for get-togethers anytime. And whether you prefer the warm fuzzy of a matcha latte, light tea, or a traditional roasted coffee, you’ll find your new favorite at Chalait.

Little Collins, 708 3rd Ave

Surrounded by coffee chains, Little Collins proves it packs a big punch in the coffee arena and is a bustling place to be during morning rush hour. It doesn’t just compete with the chains; it dominates with some of the most amazing cold brews, “pour-over masterpieces,” and diverse menu selections. Little Collins may just be your little corner of cozy café heaven with the best coffee.

Now that you know where some of the best coffee in New York City can be found, you can get out there and start sippin’ to find your new favorite. Maybe your idea of a favorite cozy café and best coffee shop didn’t make it on our list. Share! 

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