5 Types of Videos You Need to Market Your Event Planning Business

August 28, 2019 Erica Maurer



The digital world has recently experienced a boom in demand for video content. This is a fact that should be taken seriously by brands that are looking to strengthen their digital presence through marketing videos.


Video marketing can help you increase your brand awareness online. Don't miss out on this marketing opportunity by including these types of videos in your content that will help increase traffic, encourage audience engagement, and generate leads:

1. The Event Trailer

Almost every event you’re planning should have a trailer to entice the attendees as well as encourage other people to think about attending. It’s sort of a promo video and should be posted on your website as well as your social media networks.

The video should include information about the event, the entertainment, the guests expected to grace your event, as well as informational content about the date, start time of the event, and venue.

2. Event Culture Types of Video

The intricate happenings that occur in an event are what people like to see. Those special moments that engage the audience such as small games during conferences, fans getting called on stage during concerts, or special shows such as magic tricks and music performances are what you want to use to sell your event.

These clips are usually brief and direct just to show the viewer a peek into what your event is about and how fun it should be.

3. Live Streaming Video

Sometimes due to budget restraints, venue capacity limits, or geographical boundaries, a lot of people who would have loved to attend an event are not able to do so. Through offering live streaming services, will provide those who have missed out on the event with a chance to still experience the event.

Although the experience is only visual, the people live streaming will see how awesome your event is and will make plans to attend the next time the event happens.

4. The Event After-Movie

Getting an after-movie for your event is an awesome way to summarize the purpose and occurrences of your event. This type of video is intended to capture the special moments, attendance, and activities that people took part in during the event. The after-movie should show the location the event was held at, the setting of the location to accommodate the attendees and the entertainment that was on offer.


An after-movie provides you with a recording that can be shared and viewed online countless times by the shareholders, event sponsors, attendees as well as those who missed it but watched the video regardless.


In 2019, video marketing is booming and Event Marketing Companies from around the world will show you just how it’s done at The Event Planner Expo. Make sure to attend this year’s show to safeguard your progress as an event pro!


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