Instagram Stories Ideas for Event Planners

August 30, 2022 Susan Serena

Instagram Stories has been around for a few years now, but with everything in full swing again New York event planners have started using the feature to market their events even more.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, particularly for brands and businesses. The platform lets you share photos, videos and other content with your followers.

One of its most exciting features is Instagram Stories, which lets you post ephemeral posts that disappear within 24 hours (unless you manually save them).

Here are some ideas to get you started using IG stories.

Instagram Stories Ideas for Event Planners

Post a picture of the venue

The first thing you should do is post a picture of your venue. The purpose is to give your followers an idea of what they can expect.

You can showcase different angles, times of day and even seasons to show that you have thought about all things for them.

Share a sneak peek at the event

You can share a sneak peek at the event by providing an overview of the event and links to more information. This will build excitement and encourage people to attend.

On Instagram Stories, you can include a link in your post that directs users to the official website, blog, or registration page for your event (if you're hosting it online).

You can also include a link to where tickets are being sold (if there is one) so that people who want tickets can purchase them in advance. Encouraging attendees to register early gives them time to make travel plans and may increase ticket sales as well!

Show your followers behind-the-scenes content

Now that you have taken the time to create your event, it is important to share with your followers what goes on behind the scenes. You can do this by taking screenshots of your communications with vendors, asking for their opinions on certain aspects of the event and posting them as a story.

Posting shots throughout the process will give people a look at how things are progressing and keep them more engaged in what you are doing.

Also, don't forget about some fun behind-the-scenes moments from the actual event! Whether it's a video of a guest trying out one of your new games or photos from inside someone's room during an escape room experience, make sure to show off these unique experiences.

If there was anything particularly exciting or noteworthy at this particular event that happened that day (good or bad), consider sharing those details too!

Answer a question from an audience member

This is a great way to keep your audience engaged. Ask them questions and then answer them live on your story.

You can ask questions in the first person or in the third person, but make sure it’s one that can be answered with a simple yes or no.

Live coverage of your event

Live coverage of your event is a great way to engage your audience and give them a behind the scenes look at all the hard work that goes into putting on an event.

Live video can also be used to answer possible questions from your audience, so try using Instagram stories’ live feature at the end of your next event for some extra engagement with attendees!

Launch a giveaway for an event ticket

  • Giveaway a ticket to an event. This could be a concert, baseball game, comedy show or whatever you're hosting.
  • Giveaway a gift card or other prize. Imagine how exciting and valuable it would be for your attendees to win dinner for two at their favorite restaurant...or something that’s on their bucket list like going skydiving!
  • Giveaway a chance to meet the speaker. Maybe you’re having Dr. Oz speak at your conference and want to give away the opportunity for one lucky person in attendance get his autograph on anything he writes on (that's right—the sky's the limit!). Think of all those people who will pay good money just to be photographed with him!

Post a picture of the food or drinks being served during the event

It will look great on your story, and it’s also a great way to show your followers what they can expect from you in terms of what will be available at the event.

Try to include images of delicious looking dishes or cocktails that are being prepared by professional chefs and bartenders (tag all vendors so that they can reshare to their own stories).

This is also an opportunity for you to show off how much food/beverage has been ordered for your clients' enjoyment during their special day!

Lastly, post pictures of people enjoying themselves at events hosted by companies like yours, which will make others feel more inclined to join in on all the fun as well!

Take an Instagram poll at your event

If you want to get your audience talking, use an Instagram poll. This will create instant engagement and help generate a conversation about your event.

You can ask attendees if they are enjoying the event, what their favorite part is or even see who their favorite presenter is. With a quick survey like this you'll be able to get feedback on how well your event is going and make adjustments as necessary!


Instagram Stories is a great way to engage with your audience, and it’s especially useful for New York event planners who want to showcase their work in a visually engaging way. We hope these ideas will inspire some creative Instagram Stories from you in the future.

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