The Pros and Cons of Facebook Events: Should You Even Bother?

April 15, 2020 Jessica Stewart

Facebook started as a simple social site that allowed you to reconnect with old friends and meet new ones. Now, this social site offers a ton of other features.

When promoting an occasion, the event creator might interest you. Do you know anything about the pros and cons of Facebook marketing?

Making an Event: The Pros and Cons of Facebook

If you use Facebook to network for your business, you may consider using the site for event marketing as well. Read on to learn the ups and downs of using this tool.

Pro: Number of Viewers

With 2.38 billion users, Facebook gives you the opportunity to reach out to a good portion of your target market. But this takes work on your part.

To get and keep a lot of "friends" you must reach out to your target people and maintain an active and interesting page that fits your brand. Doing this will expand your reach when promoting your event.

Con: Limitations

Unfortunately, one of the cons of Facebook events comes in the form of limitations. You cannot send out individual invites from a page, it just posts publicly and hopefully makes it into the feeds of everybody interested.

Pro: Ease

Creating an event does not take much know-how. You simply fill in the fields for event name, description, place, time, and date. This only takes a few moments!

Con: Quick Feed

The news feed moves quickly for many people, depending on the number of friends and pages they follow. Even if your event pops up for a person, they may lose it quickly.

Pro: See Event Interest

When weighing the pros and cons of Facebook, you may look to the feature that shows 'going', 'not going', and interested. This feature will help you reevaluate the people who show interest in your event. It can help you better target your market.

Con: Misleading Event Attendance Data

Though that feature can help in some ways, it may mislead you in others. You always want to know how many people will attend your event.

But some people will sit on interested. Others will tap 'going', but will they actually attend? Selling tickets is the best way to know how many people will actually attend your event.

Pro: Interactions Boost Viewers

As people show interest or post on the event page, it will get another go in your followers' newsfeeds. This will also put it in the newsfeeds of friends of your followers. This could potentially generate more followers and attendees for your event.

Market Your Event Wisely

When promoting an event, you want to expand your reach as far as possible. This means exploring all avenues available to you.

After you weight the pros and cons of Facebook events, you may notice that it is not a perfect tool. But you will also see that you can potentially reach a lot of people without the costs generated by other marketing strategies. 

You may not want to rely solely on the Facebook event tool but use it to your advantage along with stronger methods. Register for our event planning expo to learn more!


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