3 Benefits of Building a Sponsorship Community

December 9, 2022 Mario Stewart

New York event planners are getting savvy about creating and selling sponsorship packages for their various events and New York conferences. But there are even more perks if you take sponsorships to the next level by building a community of sponsors for ongoing relationships and support. Don’t just sell a one-time event sponsorship when you can develop strategic relationships with your sponsors and foster a sense of community for ongoing support and networking!

Some Brands Love to Be Sponsors

Not all companies will find value in sponsoring every event you plan. However, you will encounter some businesses and brands that are always willing to jump on a sponsorship opportunity. Whenever you pitch event sponsor packages, extend the conversation further and ask about how often the prospect participates as an event sponsor in other areas. You can then look to build a relationship that welcomes future conversations about other opportunities you have.

One ROI Success Can Evolve into Several Sponsorships

Look to make the event sponsorship experience a great one with ROI success. You can then follow up with your participating company and demonstrate using metrics just how valuable that sponsorship package really was for them. And that conversation leads to inquiries about future opportunities, with you and your networks, to sponsor other New York events and NYC conferences. Build loyalty around the results and always have a roster of potential sponsors to call on throughout the year.

You’re Leveraging the Benefits of a Community

Building a community doesn’t just provide you with a loyal list of event sponsors you can reach out to for each event. It’s a community of strategic partnerships where insights and referrals can be exchanged, new opportunities leveraged, and key prospect introductions can be facilitated. Just remember to be just as giving as you are taking with this community of sponsors and your relationship-building efforts. The rewards can be endless!

Discover More Sponsorship Strategies at The Event Planner Expo 2023

As you put together your event planning strategies for 2023, consider the many benefits of building a community of sponsors. Event sponsorships already bring a host of monetary and event awareness advantages. But it’s the community that will transform those connections into a long-term resource for future sponsors and opportunities. Learn more about sponsorship strategies and developing other strategies for your event planning business by attending The Event Planner Expo 2023. The waiting list is open now - click here to make sure you’re in line!

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