How to Attract Sponsors to Your Next Corporate Event or Conference

November 28, 2022 Mario Stewart

Corporate events are ideal for sponsorships. Sponsorships are proven methods for increasing event revenue, improving visibility for the event itself, and garnering support for event missions. And while you might already have a strategy in place for developing your event sponsorships, you might need improvements for attracting sponsors. If your event planning business needs help with building out your sponsorship packages, check out this blog we shared previously. But if you’re more interested in learning how to attract sponsors to all your corporate events, keep reading!

Bring Your A-Game with Wow Factor

Your event sponsorships need to be attractive if you want to attract investments. And the best way to make your packages stand out as the best investment is with the wow factor. Sell your event as a thrilling, engaging, larger-than-life opportunity. Build excitement around attending, which then lends credibility to the unique sponsorship opportunities. Talk about the guest list as the sponsor’s target audience. And the more enthusiastic you can be during these discussions and messaging, the better. Remember, your level of excitement will be contagious.

Demonstrate the Incentives of Becoming a Sponsor

Skip the mundane details and instead highlight all the incentives first. Answer the “what’s in it for us” question as a first order of business with any sponsorship messaging. By demonstrating the benefits and advantages of becoming an event sponsor, you’ll command more attention to your opportunities. 

Minimize the Investment Risks

To make your sponsorship packages even more attractive, address and remove any investment risks. Make sponsoring your event a no-brainer decision, with little to no concerns for a brand that might be concerned about returns on the investment or results. You can share metrics from past event sponsors, list guest list demographics, and increased sponsorship visibility to help drive home your message and alleviate investment risks.

Incentivize, Incentivize, Incentivize

If you really want to attract event sponsors, be liberal with your incentives. Look for ways to sweeten the deal even more beyond the initial excitement and risk mitigation. Save a few perks and close the deal by sprinkling additional incentives for brand prospects. 

FOMO Is Your Go-To Strategy

Attracting brands and clients to any value proposition investment is easier when you master the art of FOMO. Fear of missing out is a sales strategy that leverages the natural human phenomenon when decision-makers opt in because they don’t want to miss out on a limited opportunity. Dangle the carrot and share other brands that have already signed on as supporters. Emphasize deadlines to join the sponsorship ranks and highlight what selling points sold others. 

We’re always sharing insights for event planners like you to leverage, especially when it comes to creating and selling event sponsorships. Tap into these tips to improve how you attract potential sponsors to every New York event you’re planning. And don’t forget, you can immerse yourself in all the best event planning strategies by attending The Event Planner Expo 2023. Get on the official waitlist now! It’s the one conference of the year New York event planners can’t miss!

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