3 Tips for Developing Sponsorship Opportunities at Your Next Event

September 1, 2022 Desiree Homer

We talk about sponsorships a lot and the many benefits of creating sponsorship opportunities for your New York conferences and events. But there are some techniques and strategies that work better than others when it comes time to sit down and create these packages for various events. Today, we’ll show you what to consider first, how to structure your sponsorships, and how to generate interest.

1. Start with the Why

When you’re putting together a series of sponsorship opportunities for a New York conference or event, you’ll want to start by answering why brands and businesses sponsor events in the first place. When you build your strategy around satisfying these key sponsor benefits, you’re guaranteed to pique interest.

Brands love to sponsor events that provide:

  • Access to a specific target audience it normally wouldn’t
  • Brand awareness and strategic brand positioning
  • An ability to be viewed as a leader in the segment
  • A method for boosting its corporate or social responsibility
  • Leads, prospects, and eventually sales

These perks contribute to a sponsor’s ROI. And when you develop your event sponsorship packages, you’ll want to base them all around these value propositions.

2. Go for the Gold

Provide sponsorship packages of various price points and benefits. Consider bronze, silver, gold, and platinum tiered levels, each with gradual investments and increased value benefits. When you create more than one sponsorship opportunity, you increase your chances of brands opting in instead of having only one package, to which they can say yes or no. And having a go for the gold approach to a top-level sponsorship package will be appealing to those most interested in representing in a big way. Don’t be afraid to put major packages together worth $5,000, $10,000, and $20,000 for some of your biggest New York events and conferences. Alternatively, having a low-commitment level opportunity will be appealing to more prospects, making it equally beneficial to you.

3. Generating Interest in Your Event Sponsorships

With your unique event sponsorship opportunities developed, you can then begin reaching out to event sponsors. Start with your current supporters and those who have participated in the past. Reach out to established brands within the industry. And put together a data-rich pitch deck to send for consideration. Make sure you highlight the value of the sponsorship first, then be precise about key points. Include target audience metrics, including reach and brand awareness benefits. To generate interest, make sure your sponsorship pitch, whether an email or PowerPoint, has the following characteristics:

  • Short, concise, and direct, depicting value
  • Not overly salesy, but written with an enthusiastic tone and style
  • Supportive of your event or conference in a big way
  • List added-value components throughout

Sponsorships for your biggest New York events and conferences can create six-figure opportunities for your business. And these insights, along with others in our ongoing blog series, can help you develop your best sponsorship strategies. 

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