6 Tips for Selling Those Event Sponsorships

September 6, 2022 Jessica Stewart

We often share insights about the game-changing method for developing sponsorships for your New York events and conferences. But what if you have a full roster of great sponsorship packages that aren’t being sold? If you or your teams are struggling to sell those lucrative event sponsorships, these are the tips you need to boost your efforts.

1.Launching Exhibitor Spaces and Sponsorships Together

Your New York events and conferences might also present unique opportunities for exhibitor spaces. One way to gain more traction with your sponsorship sales is by launching and pitching those packages simultaneously with exhibitor booth opportunities. Oftentimes, brands will elect to do both, while those who may not be interested in having a physical presence at your event will choose to instead go with a sponsorship package. Presenting multiple opportunities at once will provide your prospects with choices, and it can significantly boost your sponsorship sales.

2. Treating Potential Sponsors Like Partners

Instead of approaching your sponsorship prospects as sales prospects, pitch them as partners or supporters of your event. Present the packages as various methods of supporting the event cause or initiative instead of a transactional sale. When potential sponsors can align their brands and mission with those of your specific conference, they’ll be more compelled to participate.

3. Start Promoting Sponsorships Early 

While the concept of FOMO and last-minute deals does work, it’s best to launch and promote event sponsorship opportunities early. When you introduce brand promotion benefits and partnership alignments 30, 60, or even 90 days prior to the event, you provide decision-makers more time to consider their opt-in commitments. And you’ll also be able to put together a 30, 60, and 90-day sales strategy that funnels prospects into acting more effectively as the event date approaches.

4. Pre-Event Anticipation and Build-Up

When you promote your upcoming New York event or conference, you do so through the lens of building excitement and anticipation. Adopt the same strategy when selling sponsorships. Make the prospect of being a brand partner exciting, just as much as it is beneficial. And with every ad or promotion, you run regarding event attendance, share the sponsorship opportunities, too.

5. Match Benefits to Prospects

You’ll likely have a target list of companies you’d like to reach out to regarding sponsorship packages. But you can increase sales of those packages if you’re smart about matching benefits to specific brands. Identify which companies on your list rely on leadership positioning or have core audiences specific to your event guest list. Make calls to directly pair sponsorships with businesses they fit best.

6.Include and Sell Multiple Assets

A sizzling sponsorship package will offer layers of benefits and multiple assets. Make sure that each opportunity you’re promoting has more than one primary perk. And when you’re pitching these unique partnership roles, promote each asset and benefit as if it were the best. Added value components and freebies are also great as incentives to close more sponsorship sales.

Keep these sponsorship tips in mind as you embark on selling your New York event sponsorship packages. And for more advice on how to develop or launch your sponsorship packages, check out other blogs in our ongoing series. 

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