6 Event Sponsorship Outreach Insights to Know

November 8, 2023 Mario Stewart

From company product launches and corporate meetings to industry conferences and fundraising galas, there’s more than one type of NYC event that can tap into event sponsorships. As an event planning professional, you can’t afford not to build a sponsorship outreach strategy. Event sponsorships are game-changers since they can bring much-needed revenue to your event. But they can also help you attract more guests, land more event clients, and boost event ROI. Explore these additional outreach insights for improving how you attract and bring in sponsors to all your applicable events!

1. Understand Your Target Sponsors

Gathering sponsors for your event isn’t about casting a net for just anyone. You’ll want to be precise about which sponsors make sense for your event. Understanding who your target event sponsors are for each unique engagement you curate will help you narrow your selection and provide more value. So, don't just target sponsors; dig deeper to understand their business model, their brand messaging, and their unique pain points. From there, you can connect with them and use your event as a catered solution and perfect-fit opportunity.

2. Align Event and Sponsorship Goals

Another event sponsor outreach insight to consider is choosing sponsors with aligned goals. Think about who is participating in your New York event and what your event’s goals are. Then, match correlating sponsorship prospects with similar goals and target audiences. Maybe your event guests are ideal customers for a certain industry. Or it could be that your NYC event is a perfect sponsorship opportunity for an organization because of the cause or mission of the event. Whatever inspires your event, seek to find sponsors with similar inspiration goals.

3. Research Similar Event Sponsors

One of the best places to start your event sponsorship search is by researching other similar events. Those brands and organizations participating as sponsors across past events will be easier to target for your upcoming event. Companies already familiar with the value of being an event sponsor won’t need to be “sold” on the idea. When pitching these sponsorship prospects, you can focus on the unique value of your event instead.

4. Craft a Winning Sponsorship Proposal with Incentives

The difference between a generic sponsorship opportunity and a winning sponsorship proposal are the incentives and value. When developing yours, be mindful of including benefits that matter to your prospect. These might include free tickets to the event or VIP exclusives. And remember to tier your sponsorship package levels, providing more than one way to say “yes” and featuring various investments and perks.

5. Track Your ROI

Track the past event sponsorship ROI and share these insights with new prospects. Know how to present your event as an opportunity for sponsors to generate leads, improve brand awareness, and gain more media exposure. Using metrics to back your claims of high-value sponsorship opportunities will resonate more and help you book more event sponsors.

6. Learn More at The Event Planner Expo

When it comes to growing your event business and the impact of your various NYC events, get inspired with even more ideas at The Event Planner Expo. Here, thousands of top event professionals come together to learn and share best practices for hosting events, landing new clients, and securing event sponsorships. It’s one room you can’t afford to NOT be in if success is your ultimate goal. Explore ticket and exhibitor opportunities today, and check back here often for the latest event planning business insights!

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