Fundraising Gala: 7 Ways to Lineup Incredible Sponsors

October 16, 2023 Mario Stewart

When you take on an event planning client who’s asked you to curate a red-carpet, star-studded fundraising gala, you have your work cut out for you. And as you tackle all the details of planning a charity event in New York City, don’t forget, too - it’s an event designed to raise money.

You’ll need a comprehensive approach to securing sponsors for your fundraising gala. Sponsorships are monumental for generating buzz and increased awareness of your non-profit event. But they’re also instrumental in generating event funds, as well. Today, we’re sharing some genius ways to line up those gala sponsors so you can bank on a wildly successful event.

1. Start with Existing Charity Supporters

Work with your event client to better understand the nature of the cause behind the event. Then, research to find which brands, companies, and influencers already champion that cause. You can begin your hunt for sponsors by targeting those already supporting the non-profit.

2. Ask for Sponsorship Referrals

Hit up your network of colleagues, collaborators, and event professionals to share details about your upcoming fundraising gala. Inform them of your sponsorship opportunities. And then, ask them to help you by offering referrals or connecting you with their networks.

3. Share Your Non-Profit Organization’s Story

Get social and start sharing the story behind your event’s cause. Build excitement about the upcoming event, teasing fundraising gala details to come. And mention a variety of ways to support the event, including both ticket sales and sponsorships.

4. Connect with Past Event Sponsors

Go through your roster of past NYC events and clients. Create lists of sponsors you brought in for conferences, corporate events, and other fundraising galas. You can then create a marketing outreach to connect with those who are already familiar with being a sponsor for your events, sharing the new gala opportunities.

5. Share a Press Release About Your Gala and Sponsorship Opportunities

When you craft press releases to promote your NYC fundraising gala, don’t forget to include event and cause support options, including your sponsorships. Highlight the basics of your sponsorship opportunities. And be sure to include deadlines or mention “limited time” for any interested parties to secure their sponsorship.

6. Reach Out to Industry Influencers

Explore online and talk with your event client to identify who the biggest online influencers are relating to your client’s charity group. You can then reach out to those influencers to share details of the upcoming gala. And ask them to help you spread the word about the event and various ways to support it.

7. Build Tiered Sponsorships (Including a Big Ticket Offer)

Don’t just offer a “yes” or “no” option for becoming a sponsor. Instead, build tiers of sponsorships, each with its own price points and benefits. And don’t forget to include a big ticket offer as a Platinum or VIP level engagement and donation.

FAQs About Lining Up Great Fundraising Sponsors

Check out these quick-response answers to some of the most common online questions about securing fundraising sponsors.

How do you convince sponsors to participate in your gala?

Demonstrate value for a sponsor to reach a target audience or generate boosted brand awareness by supporting your event.

Who can become a sponsor for your NYC charity event?

Anyone can be a fundraising gala sponsor, especially when you offer tiers of sponsorship opportunities that appeal to various budgets and sponsor goals. Individuals, companies, community organizations, celebrities, and public figures can all support your gala.

What should you include in your sponsorship request?

Make sure every sponsorship proposal outlines the value of your event, the options, success stories, the perks, and the follow-up metrics you plan to present.

Tap into these insightful methods for lining up sponsors for your upcoming fundraising gala. And come back often to our ongoing blog series for all kinds of business must-knows, out-of-the-box event planning ideas, and trends for growing your event business. It’s also the place to be to learn more about next year’s Event Planner Expo!

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