6 Insights for Securing Event Sponsorships

August 30, 2022 Jessica Stewart

Event sponsorships are key for every conference, corporate, or professional event you plan. But it’s not always that easy knowing how to set up a robust sponsorship package or marketing plan. Here are proven insights you can leverage today to secure more sponsorships for your next event and develop a strong sponsorship initiative every time.

1. Ask Early and Often

It will be a tough proposition to try and land event sponsorships a week or two before your event. The most successful sponsorship opportunities are those presented well in advance of the scheduled conference or event. It’s best that you launch your sponsor initiatives at the same time you start marketing the event itself. Present those packages early and give yourself enough time to reach out, follow up, and close those conversations.

2. Sponsorship Packages Lead with Benefits

When you’re putting together the elements of your event sponsorship opportunities, lead with the sponsor’s biggest benefits first. Brands and companies will need to identify their value proposition right away before considering any monetary investments. So, outline with sponsorship advantages, like:

  • Position your unique brand in front of a captive target audience.
  • Sponsorships include additional advertising in these key spaces.
  • Be an “ABC Event” supporter in the eyes of the community.

3. Provide Tiers of Sponsorship Options

If you present only one package, the answer will be yes or no. If you present a tier of packages featuring different price points and benefits, you’ll increase your chances of closing one. Consider working in an entry-level option, a high-exposure option, and a best-value option. Your prospects can then select a perfect-fit sponsorship that fits their budget.

4. Wow Factors

Your sponsorship package has to have some wow factor to be effective. What freebies can you offer? What discounts are available? What special perks come with a sponsorship investment? Can sponsors become VIPs? Create some sizzle with every sponsorship and feature incredible added value extras.

5. Get in Front of Potential Sponsors

You can have the most incredible sponsorship opportunities, but if no one knows about them, you won’t secure any sponsors. Get digital and initiate marketing campaigns dedicated to event sponsorship. Share across social media profiles and within your online networks. Create dedicated landing pages to funnel sponsorship interest and track results. 

6. Active Sales Initiatives

Don’t be passive about securing event sponsorships; take an active role and engage in sales initiatives and outreach to land them. Look at the event’s invite list to identify brands or companies that would enjoy the benefits of a sponsorship. Look at past event sponsors to identify prospects. Explore events in similar industries to see who’s opted-in as a sponsor. From there, you can create call and email campaigns to sell your unique opportunities.

If you’re not yet securing event sponsorships, you’re missing out on a valuable revenue stream. Consider these insights and start planning your sponsorship opportunities for every event. For more inspiration on improving your event planning strategies, be sure to get your tickets to The Event Planner Expo 2022! Get in the room with all the industry’s best and brightest contributors!

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