8 Ways to Pamper Your New York Event Sponsors

August 9, 2023 Mario Stewart

New York event planners know the incredible value of bringing in event sponsors. But when you’re crafting your levels of sponsorship for corporate events, are you including all the perks and benefits key brands and potential sponsors want? Get inspired to boost the effectiveness of your event sponsorship strategy with these sponsor perks and advantages. Infuse every collaboration with tons of value and lucrative reasons to support your New York event.

1. Cover the Basic Sponsorship Expectations First

First and foremost, event planners need to build out sponsorship packages that meet sponsorship expectations. This means making sure you include the basic benefits of event sponsorship. These usually include the following:

  • Increased brand exposure for sponsors
  • In-event speaking engagements or opportunities
  • Direct access to the event audience
  • Press release and media coverage
  • Brand representation during (at) the event

2. Include Additional Advertising with Sponsorships

Consider boosting the sponsorship value by laying in additional advertising ops throughout the various tiers of participation. Include press releases, brand visibility and promotion on social media, dedicated hashtags, and brand mentions throughout email campaigns leading up to the event. Look for ways to boost the marketing and advertising elements of your sponsorship packages and land more sponsors every time.

3. Reserve Special Event Access for Sponsors

If your corporate event has various engagements built into the event, like opening parties, closing parties, or speaker meet and greet opportunities, use those as added value in your sponsorship packages. Reserve special seating or provide exclusive access for sponsors who intend to go to your event. Make them feel special as sponsors by infusing their participation with as many exclusives as possible.

4. Create VIP Experiences for Sponsors

You’re an event planner, so do what you do best - create incredible experiences for your sponsors. Consider developing an official VIP experience opportunity that includes special privileges or access exclusively for your sponsors. Maybe they can enjoy early access, special parking, or backstage entertainment engagements. 

5. Event Signage and Swag

Sweeten the sponsorship deal by including all kinds of added visibility at the event. This includes brand promotion on LED panels or with event signage. And it can also include exclusivity with brand swag handouts or guest door prizes. Your event sponsors can be featured as stage sponsors, meal sponsors, or drink sponsors, too.

6. Create Sponsorship Profiles on Your Event Website

Don’t just include your event sponsor’s logo on your event website. Be sure to create all-inclusive sponsorship profiles. Give your sponsors more real estate online to tell their brand stories or promote unique sales or products. And then, share those sponsorship profiles on your event's social media and other advertising outlets.

7. Discount Event Tickets for Staff

Pamper your sponsors by offering discounted or bulk-pricing access to event tickets. Encourage them to attend and bring their staff and clients. And when you “throw in” a few FREE tickets, especially when there are high-profile speakers or entertainers involved, sponsors will love the added value.

8. Deliver Valuable Event Data

One of the most important perks for any event sponsor is the data. Be thorough about explaining all the valuable insights your sponsors can get from your event. This might include invitation contact information, session attendance, live stream views, gamification results, networking connections, audience impressions, and more.

When you make your event sponsorship packages more appealing and lucrative for participating sponsors, you can be sure to land more supporters for all your New York events. And to learn more about boosting your event planning processes, strategies, and business model, be sure to get in the room with events industry pros at The Event Planner Expo 2023! Get your All Access Expo tickets now!

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