The Ultimate Sponsorship Guide: Why Your Event Needs Sponsors

July 17, 2023 Mario Stewart

Of all the event planning details you manage, as a professional event planner, you know sponsorships are important. Securing sponsors is a smart, revenue-generating move for all kinds of events and engagements. Today, we’ll outline an ultimate guide regarding sponsorships as a mechanism of your events business. Learn why sponsors are so important to your company growth and get inspired with insights to help you streamline your sponsorship processes. 

Benefits of Event Sponsorships

If you still need a reason to fully embrace sponsorships as part of your event planning business, consider this. More than 65% of all event organizers accept and seek sponsorships for their events. It’s a commonplace occurrence and with good reason. Sponsorships are great for everyone involved, the event planner, the event, and the sponsor. Here’s how:

  • Sponsorships boost brand awareness for all parties.
  • Sponsorships boost ticket sales.
  • Sponsorships boost event revenue.
  • Sponsorships boost the credibility of your event.
  • Sponsorships boost attendee participation.

Types of Event Sponsorships

Another great aspect of sponsorships is the variety. You can incorporate all kinds of sponsorship types to complement your event type. Whether it's a corporate event, fundraising gala, or social celebration with a cause, start creating sponsorship opportunities of all types for your events.

  • Financial Sponsorship
  • Media Sponsorship
  • Product & Service Bartering
  • Influencer Sponsorships
  • Promotional Sponsorships
  • In-Kind Sponsorships

How to Find Sponsors for Your New York Events

Sure, as an event planner, you understand the value of sponsorships as well as the various types of sponsorship opportunities you can bring to all your New York events. However, if you’re like 50% of event professionals, “finding sponsors” is the second most challenging prospect, next to budgeting. To effectively grow your sponsorship opportunities, consider these insights:

  • Align your event goals with brands and businesses.
  • Create potential ROI benefits for event sponsors.
  • Develop tiers of opt-in packages for sponsors.
  • Call, email, and meet with potential sponsors.
  • Follow up after the event to share data and results.
  • Curate lists of future sponsors based on current sponsors.

Building Your Sponsorship Packages

When it comes time to develop your sponsorship packages, you’re going to need them to be enticing and ROI-driven. Create tiers, like gold, silver, and platinum engagements, so sponsors can have a variety of perks and price points from which to choose. And when it comes to juicing up your sponsorship benefits, get creative and run through this list for inspiration.

  • Swag Boxes
  • Social Media Mentions
  • Prime Positioning in Event Advertising
  • Tickets to the Event
  • VIP Engagements
  • Early Access or After Party Invites
  • Front-Row Seating for Entertainment
  • Celebrity Meet and Greets
  • Activation Sponsorships
  • Event Services Discounts
  • Press Release Mentions
  • Guest Speaking Opportunities

When it comes to growing your event planning business, remember how important sponsorships can be to achieving results. And keep this ultimate guide to events sponsorships handy as inspiration. Learn more about boosting your bottom line, planning more New York events, and improving your event services right here. The Event Planner Expo 2023 is coming, too, this October, and tickets are available NOW! It's the premier conference in NYC for the events industry. Thousands of event professionals, brand decision-makers, influencers, and hospitality pros will be there. Will you?

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