Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum Sponsorship Package Examples

February 24, 2023 Mario Stewart

As a New York event planner, you know the incredible value of great sponsorship packages for each event. It’s how you align companies and brands with your event, infuse your budget, and grow event awareness. But the key to selling sponsorships is creating attractive tiers of engagement. And you'll need to build unique packages for each event that are chock-full of value for those who do sponsor. Here’s how you can provide sponsorship value at every level, including bronze, silver, gold, and platinum sponsorships.

Tiers of Advertising Benefits

One of the first benefits any sponsor will look for with your packages is visibility. You can structure your sponsorship packages first with layers of advertising and brand promotional advantages. These might include:

  • Sponsor Logos on all Event Advertising
  • Sponsor Signage at the Event
  • Sponsor Assets on the Event Website
  • Sponsor Mentions in Email Campaigns
  • Sponsor Merchandise at the Event

Remember, with each level of sponsorship, you’ll want to incorporate more visibility to qualify the larger investment. 

Tiers of Attendance Value

Look for ways to incorporate event attendance value into your sponsorship packages. These might include free tickets to your event or discounted VIP experiences. Develop offerings that make the in-person engagement more lucrative for your sponsors, like making connections with their target audiences. Maybe there’s an opportunity for top-level sponsors to be guest speakers or key contributors. Or maybe you can allow sponsors to set up booths as an exclusive offering. The higher the tier, the higher the quality of engagement you should offer. 

Tiers of Post-Event Value

Don’t limit your sponsorship packages to just event-specific opportunities. You could sweeten the deal by providing added value for sponsors long after the event is over. For example, maybe it’s worth offering discounted event services for future events. Maybe you can provide attendance lists of leads. And some New York event planners, who often host various industry events and networking opportunities throughout the year, will offer tickets to other events as part of their sponsorship packages.

Get creative with your sponsorship packages and make them attractive, with loads of benefits and extras. And go big with those high-value, high-ticket options, too. No one will opt in if you're not at least offering them. Learn more about developing the most effective event planning strategies by attending The Event Planner Expo 2023! It’s the one event of the year where you can get in the room with all the best minds and most experienced professionals!

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