Sponsors Love Added Value. Give It To Them!

March 3, 2023 Jessica Stewart

When it comes to curating sponsors for your New York events, you’ll want to create attractive packages they’ll love. And the key to their hearts is added value. So, if you need inspiration to infuse your sponsorship packages with the best perks and benefits, keep reading! 

Offering the Guest List

Depending on the nature of your New York event and the invite list, consider offering the names and contact information of those in attendance as part of your sponsorship package. Not only are sponsors interested in promoting their brand and garnering visibility with their target audience (your guests,) they’ll be over the moon thrilled with the prospect of having that list to email and connect with directly.

Lay in VIP-Level Perks

Sponsors expect certain additional benefits with their event sponsorship investments. And as the event planner, you can curate unique VIP and premier-level perks within your engagement, providing those experiences to sponsors as added value. Maybe it’s early access for a VIP cocktail hour or exclusive access to VIP areas within your venue.

High Profile Meet and Greet

Does your corporate event or social celebration include celebrity appearances, high-profile keynote speakers, or well-known guests? Consider arranging exclusive meet-and-greet opportunities for your sponsors to spruce up your sponsorship packages. These are great for sealing the deal, especially for those high-value, platinum-level investments. 

Boosted Advertising and Marketing

When you pique the interest of a sponsor, they’ll be looking for increased brand visibility with marketing and event advertising efforts. Add more value by including extra layers of exposure, using your event website, event marketing campaigns, and event press releases. You can improve on-site awareness, too, with signage and displays throughout your venue. And look for ways to allow your sponsors their own display space or booth, perfect for offering their promotional branded products, too.

Free Passes or Tickets

For those high-value sponsorship packages, don’t be afraid to throw in an extra pass or two to the event. Sponsors won’t always attend your event in person. But they may change their minds and be inspired to arrive with a free ticket. And while you don’t want to give away the farm in free tickets, a few freebie bundles are great incentives for securing event sponsors.

Make your New York event sponsorship packages more attractive by including great added-value extras! Get inspired by some of these ideas, and don’t be afraid to create your own. Speaking of inspiration, have you saved the date yet for The Event Planner Expo 2023? October 12th through 14th is going to be three full days of high-energy networking and business-boosting potential! Learn more about exhibitor availability and get your tickets!

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