Why Every Event Needs a High-Ticket Sponsorship Package

March 9, 2023 Jessica Stewart

New York event planning pros like you know the value of sponsorships and how they contribute to each event. They’re ideal for infusing the event budget, garnering additional support for the event, and increasing the visibility of the event. Where event planners sometimes struggle is in building the various sponsorship packages they plan to offer. And if you’re not including a high-value, high-ticket sponsorship package, you’re really missing out on BIG results.

High-Ticket Sponsorships Aren’t for Everyone

When you develop your tiers of sponsorships, you recognize the need for bronze, silver, and gold-level opportunities. And when you sell these valuable options, you’re confident that you have something attractive for every potential budget. But don’t forget to go all-in with an offer for a platinum sponsorship, loaded with VIP perks and attached to a four or five-figure price tag. No, these price points and engagements aren’t going to be for everyone. But they might be for someone. And if you don’t at least offer it, no one’s going to buy it.

They Do Create an Elevated Offer

Event planners can fall into a sponsorship rut just as easily as they do with other aspects of their event responsibilities. But if you commit to creating a high-ticket offer, you can always get creative about also developing a high-value return for the investment. Some events can offer VIP experiences, private fireside chats, or celebrity meet-and-greets. And you can throw in future event planning perks or discounts, along with freebies and guest list contact information. Just remember that the high-ticket sponsorship package is your way to dangle and entice supporters with an elevated offer and experience.

More Expensive Often Signals Better

For some corporate marketers and big-league brands, more expensive signifies better or more exclusive. When you introduce a high-ticket sponsorship package, you can sell it like the unicorn that it is. Remind prospects that it’s not the investment level for everyone. But it does exist for those who want ultimate visibility at this event and a full suite of perks and advantages. For some, they’ll always choose the highest level of investment only because they want their brand to be viewed as the best.

It Only Takes One

It’s ok if you have a high-ticket sponsorship package that doesn’t sell. Your foundational packages will bring in the revenue you need. The high-level investment is just going to be the icing on the cake or the cherry on top of your total sponsorship earnings. And remember, it really only takes one sale of these high-level packages to make a significant difference. Enticing one sponsor at the highest level is going to be a win.

As a New York event planner, don’t forget to create those high-ticket, high-value sponsorship packages. They can be the infusion of funds and support you need for significant results. For other insights about how to drive event revenue, make sure you get to The Event Planner Expo 2023 this October! The industry’s top planners, business leaders, and influencers will be there, sharing all the best advice about marketing, sales, event planning, and sponsorships! Learn more about available participation and exhibitor opportunities now!

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