Event Sponsors: 5 Tips for Following Up After the Event

January 25, 2023 Jessica Stewart

Securing sponsorships for your event is essential. But your job as an event planner isn’t done once the event itself is over. In fact, engaging event sponsors after the conference or gala is also mission-critical. And these are the insights to consider when developing your event sponsor relationships, especially when following up post-event.

1. Thank You Correspondence Is a Must

Your post-event follow-up should always start with gratitude. Send thoughtful and personalized emails to every sponsor who contributed, attended, and supported your New York event. And for those who didn’t attend, send a thank you, too, with a “sorry we missed you at the show” sentiment. Appreciation, without asking for anything else, will go a long way in forming strategic relationships with your event sponsors. Thank you-related messages, calls and emails included should be immediate and within a day or two of the event ending.

2. Sharing Event Sponsorship Analytics (And Wins)

About a week after your conference or event, start sharing the sponsorship wins with your partners. Remember, they opted to become a sponsor because there was something in it for them. Demonstrate results with analytics or metrics regarding audience impressions, branding, or marketing reach. Do the math to determine ROI for them and share just how successful their sponsorship was, not just for your event but for their company, brand, or bottom line, as well.

3. Creating and Sharing the ‘Post-Event’ Page Online

If you need another reason to reach out to your event sponsors, invite them to check out your post-event landing page online. You’ll likely create a post-event page to share with all your guests anyway, highlighting guest speakers and posting photos and videos. Use this as another engagement tool to connect with your event sponsors after the event. And they’ll really be pleased if their logo or brand information is prominently displayed across several of those photo galleries.

4. Sending Event Sponsor Surveys

Post-event surveys are tools New York event planners use all the time. They’re great tools for identifying areas of improvement and attendee engagement. But they’re also ideal for sponsorships. Consider crafting uniquely catered surveys for those who purchased sponsorship packages for your event. Ask about their first impressions, results, and suggestions. It sends a signal that you care about their experience as a sponsor. And it also provides you with must-have intel about improving.

5. Warm Sponsors to Future Event Invitations

Once the event is over, you still have a unique opportunity to cultivate relationships with your sponsors. Following up with them, using these techniques, will only warm them up to receiving correspondence from you. And the more comfortable they are with communication and engagement, the easier it will be to approach them for future event sponsorships. Use these emails and calls to form these strategic partnerships ongoing. One great sponsorship experience should lead to more.

Keep these insights in mind as you develop sponsorship strategies with each of your events. And for all the event planning strategy help you need, make sure you get to The Event Planner Expo 2023 this October. Explore remaining exhibitor space today, too, and position your event business among the best of the best!

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