10 Free AI Imaging Tools for New York Event Planners

July 29, 2023 Mario Stewart

There are so many helpful marketing tools and digital resources out there for New York event planners like you to explore. But with so many different features and price points, it can be overwhelming to know which design solutions and imaging tools are right for you. And what about tapping into AI? Let’s take some of the guesswork out of a few of these options. Check out these free AI imaging tools you can start sampling right now to make a big graphic impression for all your New York events online!

What AI Imaging Tools Can Do for You

You’ve seen some of the cool designs and images online. But you can actually tap into AI-generated imaging tools in a variety of ways to do so much more than just create fun designs. Here are just a handful of brilliant ways New York event planners can be leveraging AI imaging tools for their businesses.

  • AI imaging for event logo designs and branding efforts
  • AI imaging for engaging landing page or website graphics
  • AI imaging to boost social media content
  • AI imaging as visual email marketing elements
  • AI imaging for stunning presentation materials
  • AI imaging for event stage designs and venue backdrops
  • AI imaging as part of physical print media, flyers, and invitations
  • AI imaging for event swag and promotional materials

Recognize how AI imaging solutions can boost your event planning business and curating efforts. Then start exploring these free AI imaging tools to get started.

1. Canva

Probably the most popular free AI imaging tool out there right now is Canva. This free online resource uses AI to generate images, create graphics, and more. Canva is a dream to use and features all kinds of extras, like filters, photo effects, and erasers. Create an account and generate 25 free images every month.

2. Picsart

Just type in the text to describe what you want, and let Picsart create unique designs and images for you! This AI tool essentially scans millions of existing images online to reference as it creates your images. It’s an easy-to-use free tool for abstract designs, portraits, realistic images, and landscapes.

3. Wonderai.app

Another free text-to-image generator to try is Wonderai.app. Explore generative AI drawings and create entire libraries of unique AI images. You can even get creative with uncensored art using this artwork tool.

4. StarryAI

A few short steps are all it takes to create some pretty incredible and high-quality artwork with StarryAI. Type in your prompt and have results within minutes. You can create up to five pieces of AI-generated art daily without watermarks. Or you can upgrade to the subscription to have free rein.

5. Gencraft

If you’re an event planner who uses multiple devices, you’ll love the accessibility of Gencraft. Available on the web, with Android, and on iOS, this free AI photo and video generator offers a host of great design features. Create cartoon images or realistic images, or upload your own images for design inspiration.

6. Dream by Wombo

No need for an account when you create AI images with Dream by Wombo. This AI seeks to identify patterns and applies diffusion models to create designs. Choose an art genre, including vibrant, realism, mystical, or others. 

7. Wepik

Design using the mobile app or on the web with Wepik and get super-creative about formatting your styles and genres. Event planners who want creative freedom between abstract, cartoon, and realistic images will love how easy this AI imaging tool is to use. Try it for free or upgrade to a premium version for even more design features.

8. Craiyon

Craiyon used to be DALL-E Mini. And while it has a new name, it still offers great free online image generation solutions. Type in your prompt using the command box online, and voila! You’ll have several free AI-generated images from which to choose. Upgrading to the paid version will increase image turnaround time.

9. Photoleap

Maybe you’re one of those New York event planners who want to use AI for image enhancement as well as unique image generation. Photoleap is a great fit for both applications. Its AI tech is based on open source with a text-to-image platform, allowing it to take commands and create photo-quality images. Create ten images monthly for free, or upgrade to the Photoleap Pro plan for even more access.

10. Leap.ai

You can create more than just images with Leap.ai. This free AI imaging tool taps into a variety of language models, and it can create everything from code and scripts to music and images. It’s still officially developing as a tool, so expect even more impressive features to come. It’s already genius for generating avatars, diffusion images, realistic art, and cartoons.

Start creating visually stunning and impactful graphics for all aspects of your New York events and your event planning business with these free AI imaging tools. And discover even more innovative ideas and resources by attending The Event Planner Expo 2023 this October!

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