5 Top Event Management Software for Today's NYC Event Planners

June 28, 2023 Mario Stewart

If you’re in the business of event planning, you know just how important having the right technology is to your bottom line. Any new software solution that can help you get organized, manage events, coordinate schedules, or streamline your time is well worth the effort. But some event management software solutions are going to be a better fit for your business than others. Today, we’re honing in on a few of the top event management tools worth considering - that is, if you aren’t already familiar with them.

1. Webex Events

This end-to-end event management platform is a game changer for your business. It has resources and features that help you with in-person events, hybrid events, and virtual events. Use the video rooms to curate customized talks for online guests. Facilitate roundtable discussions, present demos, and connect attendees with one-on-one networking features. Check out Webex Events.

2. RegFox

Another great software solution is RegFox, an event page builder for incredible registration pages for all your events. Put together some custom workflows, offer discounts, and run specials on your ticket pricing. Sell merch and even process payments. You’ll appreciate the interactive video features, chats, and screen sharing, too. See why so many are saying, “there’s no comparison” when it comes to RegFox.

3. Eventbrite

Who doesn’t love a little Eventbrite? As an online ticketing platform, it’s an absolute gem and a must-have tool in the event planner’s arsenal. But there’s so much more to it, including analytics, branded pages, payment processing, Zoom and Vimeo capabilities, and integrations. It already enjoys a global community, which is great for launching event campaigns. And it’s integrate-able with Facebook, too!

4. Trello

If you need a drag-and-drop dashboard to help manage your projects and events, you’ll appreciate the boosted visuals and organization of Trello. Like Monday or Asana, Trello has earned its stripes among event planners for its ease of use. It’s also a favorite because it’s brilliant for communications, file sharing, and calendar management. If you haven’t used Trello before - it’s definitely worth exploring.

5. Miro

Get your whiteboarding on with Miro! This digital whiteboard software is an absolute must-have for any event planners who are juggling more than a few balls. It’s great for organizing, strategizing, and collaborating. And there are templates available along with checklists, so you’re not recreating the wheel every time you tackle another event project. 

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