18 Apps to Help Simplify the Event Planning Process

June 14, 2022 Desiree Homer

As a New York event planner, you need all the best tools and resources at your fingertips to pull off some of the most incredible events. And you probably have a few favorite apps and software solutions that come to mind. You rely on them to stay organized and to save time. But there are apps for nearly every task these days. These are a few of the latest event planning apps that might be helpful in simplifying every step of your process.

The No-Nonsense Apps You Can’t Live Without

New York event planners are always on the hunt for quicker, easier, and more efficient ways to collect payment, take notes, process agreements, market their events and manage their schedules. These are the no-nonsense apps you should definitely be using right now with your event planning business.

Evernote: Great for staying organized on the go, from your home office, and in the car.

ScannerPro: Super user-friendly way to scan and store critical documents.

Venmo: This and other digital payment channels make billing and collecting payments a breeze.

Eventbrite: The quick way to get your event date and details out to the public!

Asana: This app helps with all the task management that goes into planning an event.

Boomset: Look no further if you need an app for managing guest check-in processes.

The Most Popular Event Management Apps and Software Solutions

Maybe you’re looking for a better event management app to upgrade to, based on your event planning business niche or recent growth. Capterra organized a full list of some of the most popular event planning apps to consider. Test out the free trials and compare the various features and extras for each before deciding which is going to be best for your business. 

These particular apps are pretty great about providing services for badge management, exhibit management, vendor management, social media promotion, ticketing, conference and convention support, and more.

Swoogo - https://swoogo.events/lp/capterra-event-management-software/ 

Wrike - https://try.wrike.com/event-management-template/ 

Eventsquid - https://www.eventsquid.events/ 

GoTo Webinar - https://www.goto.com/webinar/ 

Aventri - https://www.aventri.com/discover/live-demo-request-event-management-solutions 

Bizzabo - https://welcome.bizzabo.com/request-demo

eShow - https://info.gartnerdigitalmarkets.com/eshow-gdm-lp/ 

Incredible Floor Plan and Design Apps for Event Planners

Event planning in New York requires a certain skill set in developing floor plans and event designs. And yes, there’s an event planning app for that, too. Check out some of these apps that, according to Social Tables, are worth looking at if you need tools to streamline your floor planning and design efforts.

Compare the different features on these to find which app works best as a collaborative tool in your floor plan and design methods. Some have easy-to-use diagrams, and others offer realistic 3D virtual walkthrough features. Look for the customization extras that complement your process and wow your clients!

- Social Tables 

- SmartDraw

- Vivien

- Planning Pod

- AllSeated

Choosing the right app for your event planning business is going to require some homework. Do your best to sit down with your event planning process. Then itemize which areas are problematic or time-consuming. You can then begin your methodical search for the best event planning app to solve each of your problems.

And when you need more ideas about event planning apps, tools, and business solutions, find them at The Event Planner Expo 2022! All of the event industry’s best will be in attendance, providing you with a revolutionary chance to network for all the answers your event planning business needs! Get your tickets, or even better, be an exhibitor or sponsor!

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