2019's 5 Must-Have Mobile Event Apps

July 20, 2019 Susan Serena

Event apps are helping Event Planners in New York make more efficient decisions and improving their daily planning operations. The tough part is searching for the right event apps to make your job easier. In this article, we’re going to save you some time on research and review 5 of the best event apps to help improve your event planning day to day.

The 5 Best Event Apps for Event Planners in New York

1. 10Times.

It is no secret to any of the top Event Planners in New York that driving engagement is now one of the core priorities when planning events. 10Times is a very interactive and easy to install event app that’s available to Android and IOS platform users. The app installation is quick with latest version (3.4.6), where you can now market and manage your events while mapping out your floor plan, agenda, and set up notifications with ease. With 10Times you can organize your branding as well while designing the best ways to engage your audience pre, during, and post events.

2. Actigage Events

Actigage is an app-building platform where Event Planners in New York can build a mobile app that is customized to meet their own specific needs. The platform provides a 5-step strategy for designing a customized app.

The first step is providing basic information like the admin name, color scheme, and the brand logo.

In the next step, you’ll design your screen interface. Afterwards, you’ll enter the event's details and it will walk you through verifying your setup process. After verification, the app is ready to go! The great thing is, you won’t have to pay for the full version without testing out it’s efficiency through the trial version. We highly recommend this app to novice event planners who are looking to organize and establish their daily operations.

3. HelloCrowd

Give attendees what they’re used to; socialization! The most common form of communication is texting, and the online arena that gets the most visitors throughout the entire day are social media platforms. With HellowCrowd, you can provide attendees with a familiar form of communication through a private network, that’s placed right inside the app. They can share out videos, pictures, links, and more. You can also project the event feed on a big screen which will entice those who are not using the app, to download it. You can use HellowCrowd for live polling, document management, event schedule, security information, and so much more.

4. Ileads

It’s not just attendees that benefit from attending conferences, trade shows, expos, and other business events. Exhibitors and Sponsors are there to gain exposure, spread the brand’s story, and to land new leads. With Ileads, exhibitors will have access to an award-winning lead retrieval event app to leverage from receiving attendees’ contact information in real time. This popular lead retrieval app can integrate with registration giants in the event industry such as Eventbrite and Aventri.

5. ActiveTouch

ActiveTouch is the best app for attendees, with the latest interactive interface. The best feature on the app is ActiveLocator. This is the live positioning module that allows users to see where they are and where everyone they want to meet is located.

With ActivLocator, attendees won't have to hope to be standing in the right place, at the right time, to make the right connection. They can simply look at the app and plan their networking fate. You can also prepare before the event to make sure you keep your event goals on track and maximize your outcome.

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