5 Ways to Tap Into AI for Your Events

October 27, 2023 Mario Stewart

There’s always some speculation about the benefits and advantages of artificial intelligence. But the truth is that if you’re tapping into AI, you’re missing out on key event technology that could be boosting event attendance and growing your event planning business. Sure, there are some applications that are still developing, with hiccups and disadvantages. But as an event planner, there are plenty of AI-infused technologies out there that can elevate, streamline, and significantly advance your event strategies. Keep reading and discover new ways you can be leveraging AI for all your events.

1. Use AI in the Form of Chatbots 

Use AI within your event planning apps and landing pages as chatbots with quick-response answers to all your guests’ questions. Virtual assistants are great tools for disseminating FAQs about an event. They’re great for sharing event details, too, including schedules, speaker bios, and exhibitor information. 

2. Use AI to Improve Virtual Events

AI event technology can be instrumental in improving your virtual event experiences. Algorithms make it possible to optimize streaming, manage interactions, and curate virtual event spaces. AI is also great for analyzing digital event metrics helping event planners focus on areas of improvement.

3. Use AI to Learn About Attendee Preferences

AI algorithms can analyze your event attendees’ profiles, categorizing shared interests, careers, and backgrounds. This is ideal for learning more about your event guests’ preferences. It’s how you’ll decide what menus to offer, what breakout sessions to curate, and which keynote speakers to book. AI event tech is your key to personalizing and customizing the event experience.

4. Use AI to Remove Language Limitations

There are a host of incredible software solutions and dashboard applications out there that use AI as translation tools. Break language barriers and remove limitations effortlessly with AI handling the translations. This allows you to broaden your event audience to include a more global reach for virtual and hybrid interactions.

5. Use AI as Event Entertainment

Don’t just use AI to get new event business. Use it to entertain existing event guests! AI is the primary element behind incredible virtual reality activations, interactive games, and stunning digital special effects. Work with your audiovisual team to explore your options. And delight all your New York event attendees with AI-infused entertainment.

FAQs About AI in Event Planning

What else can you do with AI in events? All kinds of things! Explore these FAQs and find more inspiration about tapping into AI for your events and event planning business.

How can AI help with content?

AI software can help with all kinds of content, including marketing campaigns, emails, social media posts, and blogging. Use AI to create CTAs and outlines. Use it to polish your grammar before posting. And see how easy it is to create newsletters and event content with tools like ChatGPT, Jasper, and Grammarly.

How can AI help with videos and images?

AI-based image and video tools can help you identify and tag specific objects or imagery. It’s a virtuoso in image processing and creation, too, allowing you to become the true artist you are! Create images and analyze videos needed throughout your event marketing strategy.

How can AI help generate event leads?

Yes, there’s even lead-generation AI software worth exploring, too. It generates and collects leads automatically and provides metrics from those leads, as well.

Get Tech-Savvy at The Event Planner Expo 2024

Don’t be afraid or intimidated by AI. Instead, start embracing it now with the software solutions and tools available to help you boost all your New York events. And you’ll be ready to adopt any emerging AI applications as they roll out in the months to come. Speaking of emerging event technology, pencil in next October for the premier events industry conference of the year, where all the best and latest innovations will be on-topic - The Event Planner Expo 2024! Get ticketing updates, conference announcements, and exclusive details by following us on Instagram. And check back often for more insights about marketing, technology, and growing your event planning business!

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