Incorporating Video at Your NYC Conference: 4 Ideas to Consider

September 27, 2023 Jessica Stewart

When curating your New York corporate events and conferences, you’ll be keen to include all the best presentation tools and engagement technology resources. Video is likely playing a key role in your keynote speaker presentations, too. But there’s more than one way to leverage great videos. Today, we’ll share four types of video conference engagements to consider for all your NYC events.

1. Event Kickoff Slideshow Video

Event planners can use videos to add excitement to the opening of the event. Usually played on a loop, this slideshow of images and video messages can set the tone for guests arriving to your NYC event. Venues with LED screens and panels are great choices, so you can facilitate these opening night videos brilliantly. 

2. Video Countdowns to Build Excitement

Use videos to communicate to your crowd about upcoming event segments or soon-to-be-announced speakers. Videos can direct attendees to their seats or prepare for dinner service. They can also be great tools for building excitement, especially if you’re using them to countdown to the next big thing. 

3. Introduction Videos

Videos can be incredibly essential in stage presentations and for keynote speakers. Use videos to introduce the next stage guests, for example, and showcase the speaker’s credentials and appeal. You can also use videos to transition between guest speakers or to introduce upcoming entertainment. In a way, videos can be incredible compliments to your event as a pre-recorded emcee.

4. Sign Off or Farewell Videos

Get creative with your videos and use them to recap or sign off your event. Use video as a kind of movie trailer, getting attendees excited about what’s next, reminding them what they’ve learned or gained, and encouraging them to apply what they’ve learned. These videos can include instructions or directions for exiting and sharing event happenings on social media. Above all, make sure these end-of-event video reels demonstrate appreciation for those in attendance.

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Videos are incredible attendee engagement tools if you just know how to get creative in using them. Consider these ideas as inspiration for your upcoming events. And prepare to learn about videos and even more at The Event Planner Expo 2023! Discover all the best insights and strategies for event planning, attendee engagement, event technology, creative applications, and business management. Get All Access tickets and secure your spot in this room with the industry’s top professionals and experts!

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