7 Benefits of Leveraging Event Technology for Your Business

October 13, 2022 Desiree Homer

Let’s get real for a minute. Are you the type of person and professional who jumps on the latest new iPhone or Android release? Do you try all the free software trials to see if they’re helpful or fun to use? Or are you at the other end of the spectrum, still clinging to that outdated phone and terrified of introducing any new apps to your already-proven event planning process?

There’s no right or wrong answer here. But, if you’re not exploring technology in your event planning business model, you’re definitely missing out on some pretty significant advantages. As new products and services surface every day, it can be challenging to know which scheduling app is right for you or whether or not VR is a good idea for your next event. But, we’ll outline the benefits you should be leveraging with any new tech, and it might help demystify how you embrace and adopt new technologies moving forward.

1. Tech for Analytics and Data

For starters, consider adopting apps, tools, and tech that help you collect, manage, and analyze data. The more information you can assess from each event, the better positioned you are to increase engagement and ROI. These types of calculations are hard to measure traditionally. But with the right tech in place for guest check-ins, post-event surveys, and virtual event engagement, the more in the know you can be. Use tech to help you improve KPIs, profit margins, and lead generation, too!

2. Tech for Time-Saving Scheduling Efforts

What type of scheduling software or apps do you currently use? Another significant benefit of technology in event planning is a time-saving one. Automating your schedule and the countless to-do lists you manage for each event can make time management so much easier. Be selective about which tech-based solutions add value to your already proven processes, and tap into those that help. In a Bizzabo study from 2020, roughly 89% of businesses using event-related technology save nearly 200 hours every year. That’s five weeks of work time saved!

3. Tech for Improved Attendee Engagement

Advance your methods for attendee engagement when you adopt all the right tech, too! As one of the primary pain points and objectives for any event planner, ensuring guests are enjoying themselves can be challenging. But when you tap into the right tech for entertainment, disseminating information, and polling for feedback, you can step up your attendee engagement game! Consider tech that improves:

  • Event gamification and incentives
  • Guest feedback technology, including Q&A platforms and polls
  • Digital meeting platforms
  • On-demand content, including webinars, coaching sessions, or videos
  • Virtual reality or augmented reality engagements

4. Tech for Streamlined Communication

If, as an event planner, you’re on the hunt for even more ways to leverage technology for your event planning business, consider the communication angle. It’s tech advancements that have allowed everyone to connect digitally across all their devices. And it’s tech that will allow you to reach them more efficiently on those devices. Communicate your event’s schedule, create event apps, and provide digital check-ins. Send reminders or event itinerary changes moment by moment and within seconds. 

5. Tech for Sustainability

If you’re keen to eco-conscious solutions or are looking for a more environmentally friendly way to plan and organize events, tech allows you to do practically anything without paper. Send digital invitations. Host virtual events. Provide electronic check-ins and leverage platforms to connect. Even document signatures don’t require pen and paper anymore, making signing on those vendors or bringing on new clients an entirely paperless endeavor, too!

6. Tech for Improved Security

Many event planners are using RFID technology in the form of wristbands that, with a quick scan, can identify individuals and help improve an event’s flow of guests. Digital badges offer improved security, too, improving check-in processes and verifying attendee experience levels like VIP. Technology makes it possible to share safety-related information, as well, including COVID guidelines.

7. Sample Tech Worth Exploring

Need some ideas about which event-related tech to explore first? Consider some of these top-performing innovations, perfect for New York event planners like you.

  • Virtual event platforms and tools
  • Guest registration tools
  • Streaming services for live-streams
  • Mobile apps, existing and customized
  • Wearable smart tech
  • RFID event software
  • AI chatbots
  • Social media engagement tools and resources
  • Marketing platforms 
  • Email marketing tools
  • Floor plan diagramming tools
  • Website builders and enhancers

When you’re evaluating event technology, look for those solutions that speak to your strategy and processes. And start leveraging these incredible benefits one at a time, and start improving how you do business!

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