9 Must-Have Apps for New York Event Planners

May 8, 2024 Jessica Stewart

New York City event planners are always on the go. It’s a profession that demands a flexible and agile approach because of its ever-changing nature. You’re moving from place to place, scouting venues, meeting with clients, overseeing event execution, and attending to every important detail. Mobility is key, and staying organized can be a challenge when you’re on the move. It’s nice to have those tools in the palm of your hand, and event planning apps are here to help. We delve into the best apps to help you stay on task, keep everything organized, and enhance the event experience for your guests. 

Benefits of Using Multiple Event Planning Apps to Successfully Execute Your NYC Event

“There’s an app for that!” Everyone has heard that phrase in this digital age we live in. Different apps have different tools to best execute your next NYC event. They can help with everything from scheduling and planning, communication and networking, registration and ticketing, on-site management apps, and more! By choosing a combination of apps that work best for the event you’re planning, you ensure seamless continuity between every aspect of your event planning process. 

1. Eventbrite

Eventbrite is an event planning and ticketing app that offers a comprehensive platform aimed to tackle various stages of each event.

Key features include:

  • Create events and promotional pages
  • Manage tickets and registrations
  • Check-in on site and track attendees
  • Share events to a larger audience

2. Trello

Trello is a project management app aimed to help event planners stay organized.

Key features:

  • Easily collaborate with team members
  • Tackle to-do lists
  • Integrate with other apps and services
  • Create boards and lists for different types of events

3. Whova

Whova is an event management and conference app designed to aid professionals in networking at various corporate events.

Key features:

  • Networking features to connect event guests
  • View attendee profiles prior to the event
  • Provides real-time updates and notifications
  • Digitize and manage business cards received at an event

4. Asana

Asana is a project management app which helps manage team projects and individual tasks to assure everyone is clear on the entire event planning checklist.

Key features:

  • Team projects are together in a shared space
  • Create to-do lists and designate tasks
  • Easily communicate with teammates
  • Timelines and calendars for event planning

5. Zoom

Zoom is an online conferencing app that’s ideal for virtual and hybrid events, team meetings, and more!

Key features:

  • Host webinars
  • Interactive features for virtual events
  • Provide networking opportunities for virtual attendees
  • On-demand access for event guests

6. Evernote

Evernote is a notepad, to-do list, and event planner all in one app.

Key features:

  • Sync all your devices to stay productive on the go
  • Connect with personal calendars
  • Manage to-do lists
  • Organize receipts, bills, and invoices

7. Eventify

Eventify brings event planners and vendors together in a seamless shared space.

Key features:

  • Vendors can easily find events they want to join
  • Event planners can vet vendors prior to the event
  • Supports small businesses
  • Securely pay for event spaces

8. Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual discovery platform that can help event planners in numerous ways.

Key features:

  • Stay up to date on current trends
  • Create design boards for event inspiration
  • Easily share inspiration board to promote an event
  • Show a visual representation of past events to sell yourself for future ones

9. Pro Party Planner

Pro Party Planner is an award-winning all-in-one party planning app to keep event planners organized by having everything in one place.

Key features:

  • Send invitations & track RSVPs
  • Integrate other party planning apps 
  • Create table seating charts
  • Manage budgets and shopping lists

New York City event planners cannot go wrong when choosing any of these revolutionary apps to help the event planning get done with ease. These apps offer convenience, efficiency, and versatility to the various aspects of planning all your events. Stay organized and manage every detail to make sure all your NYC events are elevated and successful. 

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