The Role of Event Technology in Modern Event Planning: Tools and Trends

April 26, 2024 Desiree Homer

How comfortable are you as an event planner with the latest roster of technology for events? Are you embracing digital venue mapping and tapping into augmented reality for event entertainment? Or are you still clinging to paper to-do lists and traditional methods of engagement? 

There’s no right or wrong answer to event planning. It’s an entirely creative process that you’ve mastered with the confidence to deliver memorable experiences and client results every time. But if you’re not fully leveraging the event technology out there, you’re likely doing things the hard way and using more of your valuable time than you need to be using. 

Today, we’re highlighting the role of technology in modern event planning. You don’t have to adopt all of these tools and trends, but getting comfortable with just one of them could be a game changer for your business.

Immersive Virtual Reality for Attendee Engagement

Your New York event guests might be confined physically to your chosen event venue. But you can whisk them away to far-off places for entertainment with the power of virtual reality. Bring the VR headsets and set up stations at your corporate and social events for hours of hilarious fun and competitive gaming. It’s a tech trend you can’t afford to ignore - especially in today’s digitally connected world.

Sophisticated Event Management Software

Today’s event management software solutions are sophisticated and revolutionizing how pros manage schedules, organize vendors, send post-event surveys, and strategize their event marketing campaigns. Say goodbye to sticky notes and clipboards. Get your highly valuable time back with streamlined logistics, marketing, and business applications as part of today’s event management software platforms.

Artificial Intelligence and Event Data

Don’t be afraid of AI. Nearly every digital app and platform uses it in some fashion to automate data or create lightning-fast connections. You can be using it for your event business, too. Artificial intelligence and data analytics empower event planners to gain invaluable insights into attendee preferences and behaviors, enabling them to tailor experiences with unprecedented precision.

Hybrid and Virtual Event Platforms

Don’t just host an event for people in the room when you can make every event a national or global celebration using hybrid and virtual event technology! Including virtual events allows remote guests to attend digitally, broadening your event’s reach and impact. It saves companies thousands of dollars by not having to manage corporate travel. And it’s how local brands grow their footprints to reach larger customer audiences. Be the expert to help them achieve those goals as a virtual event planning savant.

Discover Revolutionary Event Tech at The Expo

Busy event planners know that the key to growing a successful business is staying on top of trends and innovative strategies. And the best place to be to keep your finger on the pulse of the events industry is The Event Planner Expo 2024. This premier conference happens every year, right here in NYC. And it draws thousands of top event pros, industry leaders, and corporate-decision makers. It’s the one room to be in, especially if you’re interested in tech, trends, and professional growth. Get your tickets today, and don’t miss this opportunity to do BIG things!

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