8 Innovative Dessert Trends for Corporate Events in NYC

February 26, 2024 Jessica Stewart

Desserts are indulgent and comforting for almost everyone. Along with their visual appeal, desserts can certainly leave a lasting impression on the guests at your next New York City corporate event. Whether you’re planning a big conference, a product launch, a fundraiser, or a business dinner, sweet treats and bites will always delight your attendees. And by serving desserts, you offer a pause in the event that can encourage networking and socialization. 

Dessert trends are constantly shifting and changing, just as frequently as your event guests' tastes. But when you can stay in touch with the latest dessert trends, they inspire creativity and add a personalized touch to any corporate event. By carefully curating a variety of beautiful dessert options for your guests, you can fulfill their unique preferences and dazzle them with some fun surprises!

1. Dessert Boards

A delightful combination of indulgent sweet treats to satisfy a crowd. Think charcuterie, but for desserts! Having a large assortment is key to a successful dessert board. Be mindful of allergens when deciding which treats to include on your board. Consider candies, cookies, truffles, fudge, mini cakes, sweet dips, and more. The options are endless!

2. Spicy Desserts

Whether you’re looking to just warm up a bite or really bring the heat, the addition of spices will always bring delectable flavors to any dessert. Consider adding cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, all-spice, star anise, ginger, black pepper, or cayenne to really wake up the palate. Spices are both comforting and surprising, bringing a fun flare to any dessert table.

3. Gelato Bar

Everyone loves a DIY bar with multiple flavor options and a variety of toppings. Gelato is ice cream’s richer and smoother cousin, derived from Italy and making a splash in the American dessert scene. Although quite similar to ice cream, gelato contains a bit less fat, making it a healthier option for your New York event guests. Consider having a slew of flavors and toppings for everyone to enjoy.

4. Plant-Based Desserts

Providing vegan dessert options at any corporate event is very on-trend. Vegan desserts can surprise your attendees in the best way. Without the addition of butter and eggs, which most associate with traditional desserts, one might think the treats won’t be as satisfying or tasty. But these healthier and more sustainable options are just as delicious as the desserts we are generally accustomed to. 

5. Coffee and Tea Infused Treats

It’s not uncommon for desserts to be served with coffee or tea after a meal, so why not elevate your bites by infusing them with these classic and well-known flavors? Give your sweet treats a kick with the addition of flavors like coffee, mocha, chai, matcha, Earl Grey, macchiato, chamomile, or espresso. They’ll give an extra level of sophistication that attendees will love.

6. Tea Time!

A tea party may seem like a thing of the past, but this timeless classic never goes out of style. Create renewed excitement around this fancy and intricate tradition. You’ll want to include bite-sized versions of your favorite offerings. Consider tea cakes, amaretti cookies, and mini tarts for a charming and beautiful tea party vibe.

7. Interactive Desserts

Interactive desserts will engage your senses and create an immersive dining experience that allows event guests to interact with the chefs while customizing their own dishes. Consider crepe stations, donut walls, chocolate fountains, soda float bars, s’mores tables, cotton candy artists, and more! 

8. International Bites

Take your guests on an international journey of dessert exploration by including exotic options from around the world. Make stops at as many countries as you can so everyone attending your corporate event can get a taste of some global treats. Consider desserts like German apple cake, Mexican tres leches cake, kulfi from India, creamy caramel flan from Spain, French beignets, Japanese mochi, baklava from Turkey, and so much more! It will be an unforgettable adventure.

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