Bar/Bat Mitzvah Themes & Designs You'll Love in 2023

January 13, 2023 Jessica Stewart

After the hiatus of in-person celebrations in 2020 and 2021, families are ready to make their bar/bat mitzvahs bigger and better than ever in 2023. So, as a New York event planner, you’ll need to be ready with your most inspirational and brilliant ideas for themes and designs. Take your bar/bat mitzvah to the next level with these party trends!

Mixing and Matching Is Trending

When your bar/bat mitzvah clients come to you with a few different theme ideas, don’t feel pressured to select just one. One emerging bar/bat mitzvah celebration trend is the merging of various themes. Think about combining new colors, layouts, and event themes to build a beautiful bridge between multiple aesthetics. Think eco-friendly and bold. Explore culturally diverse ideas and pop-culture party essentials. Just be ready to step beyond the traditional single-themed event this year.

Bright Colors and Vivid Decor 

After having been forced indoors for much of 2020 and 2021, the bar/bat mitzvah celebrations came back for in-person events in 2022. But for 2023, event planners should prepare for bold celebrations as the floodgates open. Families are ready to make their parties just as extravagant as they are traditional. They’ll be just as interested in vivid, splashy colors as they are with ceremonial elements. Think outside the event planning box this year with expansive dance floors, high-energy lighting, explosive colors, and over-the-top decor.

TikTok Booths Are Big

Your bar/bat mitzvah clients will likely have some idea of what kind of entertainment they want. But it’s up to you as the event planner to help bring trending ideas to the discussion, too. Another emerging trend for mitzvahs this year is the TikTok booth. Perfect for teens and adults alike, get the guests involved in sharing how much fun they’re having in a fun new way!

Elegant Mocktails 

Pay special attention to menu preferences and catering. And while you’re creating sophisticated fare selections, don’t forget to bring some elegance to the teen crowd with custom mocktails. Include the teens and young adults in the celebration by creating unique mocktail flavors that feel just as posh and upscale as the real deal!

Bat/bat mitzvah planning in 2023 is going to call for a new playbook. Get inspired by these emerging mitzvah trends, and make sure yours are brilliant and memorable! 

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