Emerging Event Trend: Shifting from Annual to Year-Round Events

January 12, 2024 Jessica Stewart

We’re always sharing events industry trends and shifts associated with corporate events, conferences, and office parties. In 2024, there’s going to be a transition away from those singular events and one-time annual conferences. Companies are expanding to include more frequent engagements driven by specific goals. 

Brand activations, holiday parties, product launches, team-building events, and seasonal conferences are all the rage. And they’re producing BIG results for the businesses behind them. 

As a New York event planner, you’re going to want to capitalize on this emerging corporate event trend. Start promoting your event production services as the ideal solution, getting in on this year-round events movement.

Promote the Benefits of Summer Outings

While many employers are focused on hosting a year-end holiday party, you can be promoting the many benefits of other seasonal team gatherings. Summer outings can be just as effective in celebrating company milestones as holiday parties. And in highlighting the company culture advantages of hosting fun summer events, you can bring in more corporate event clients. Incorporate some summer fun into your event planning efforts with the following:

  • BBQs and Picnics
  • Sporting Events
  • Outdoor Movies
  • Pool Parties

Advertise Your Event Planning Expertise in Team-Building Events

Companies today are always looking for new ways to connect and engage their staff members. And the popularity of team-building events is growing. Small businesses and nationwide brands alike are exploring the team-building power of these types of events year-round. Advertise yourself as the team-building event planning expert, sharing brilliant ideas for games, activities, and challenges perfect for spring, summer, fall, and winter corporate events. Explore all kinds of team-building event themes, like:

  • Escape Rooms
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Game Show Events
  • Lunch and Learns

Highlight the Importance of Product Launch Events

Companies are growing and scaling by offering new products and services. They’re innovating solutions and quickly discovering the power of the product launch as the method for boosting results. As an event planner in New York, you’ll want to hone in on this business trend, positioning yourself as the ideal expert in curating all kinds of ROI-driven product launch events. Do so by highlighting the many benefits of hosting such an event, including:

  • Increasing company sales
  • Engaging existing customers
  • Reaching new customers
  • Improved company brand awareness

Share Your Event Planning Insights for Hosting Brand Activations

Brand activations are taking center stage as global and local companies look for innovative new ways to engage their customers. Connecting with audiences in an in-person, experiential way builds brand trust, promotes product loyalty, and encourages company loyalty. As an event planner, look to improve your brand activation planning skills and market yourself as the go-to event professional for brand activations and experiential events. Activation examples include:

  • Product Demonstrations
  • Pop-Up Events
  • Gamification Events
  • Online Challenge Events

Meet Corporate Decision-Makers at The Event Planner Expo 2024

If you’re looking to capitalize on new corporate event trends this year, consider these new opportunities for year-round events. Companies are branching out with the need for event planning expertise in these innovative engagement events. And if you really want to boost your event planning business, make sure you’re in the room at The Event Planner Expo 2024. It’s the premier event planning conference of the year, and corporate events decision-makers, CEOs, and top marketers will all be there looking for new event services partners. Reserve your exhibitor booth now and showcase your business as the best of the best! 

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