Summer Wedding Trends Every Wedding Planner Should Know

Are you planning a summer wedding?

There’s been a drastic shift in the relationship landscape in America regarding weddings and marriages. For one, more people are waiting to find someone they love before popping the question and getting married. 

With all these changes taking place, more people will feel comfortable asking for someone to plan their weddings at once. This can take a lot from a wedding planner since most couples demand a trendy wedding.

If you’re running out of ideas for your clients, then worry not. We’ve put together a list of wedding trends that can help you plan your events this summer. Read on and satisfy your clients and their guests with these wedding trends.

1. Airy Dresses

Weddings often mean that the bride wears a stunning dress with many layers to emphasize key points in her body. This can become a problem when you’re planning a wedding during the summer, though. Nothing will kill the mood like a bride sweating buckets on her special day.

Use short and airy dresses for the bride instead. Many brands have a collection of short wedding dresses perfect for such weddings. These dresses also have features that allow air to pass through the dress with ease.

It’s the perfect way to keep the bride cool while looking at her best during her big day. You can also fashion these dresses for the bridesmaids. They often share a similar design to the bride’s gown.

2. Providing Cooling Methods for Guests

Summer weddings will have issues with heat no matter what you do. This makes it a good idea to include cooling methods at the wedding. A popular way to keep your guests and the couple cool is to turn different elements into a fan.

Wedding invitations, seating cards, and even table napkins can become fans. Try incorporating the shape of a fan on these elements to keep everyone cool. It’s best to use these elements because people find little use for them after they get settled in the event.

It’s also a good idea to include parasols at the wedding. This helps people to escape the heat of the sun at the wedding or the reception. It’s also a great tool to use when walking to and around the venue.

3. Orange and Pink are the Trendiest Summer Colors

Orange and pink are the colors that scream summer. Including them in the event is a great way to have a picturesque summer event. For weddings, using the color palette can be more challenging, as the event has certain standards to uphold.

The best way to do this at a wedding is to use flowers. This is because you have more control over the shade of the flowers than what people will wear. Asking the guests to stick to this for their dress code can mean they come in different shades.

This isn’t a bad thing, but it won’t look as good on a grand scale. Using them in elements you can control like décor will produce better results. You can also use fruits to add colors to the venue.

Having a small orange tree will give the desired color or the event. It also gives the event a more natural feel. You can add roses and other flowers around the tree to give it an improved look and smell.

4. Hats

Hats are a great way to keep the sun out of the guests’ eyes. The summer dress code for wedding guests doesn’t tell them to wear hats. They realize that a hat would be a great inclusion to their attire too late into the event.

Having a section dedicated to providing hats to guests is a good idea for weddings in the summer. Doing this will help guests enjoy the event better while they’re outdoors. It’s also a great way to make everyone somewhat uniform for photos.

Unless the bride and groom specify a dress code, it will be tricky to pick colors to accommodate the guests. Guessing what they’ll wear will be impossible, so use off-white hats instead.

5. Refreshing Beverages Make Summer Events Amazing

Summer means heat and sweat for anyone under the sun. This can make anybody thirsty or even dehydrated if they have nothing to replace the fluids they sweat out. Having an open bar is a good idea to keep everyone cool and hydrated during the event.

You can build on this idea and give the drinks a theme, too. Start with a couple of drinks. They will be a great fit for a wedding as they’ll symbolize the union of the bride and groom.

They’re also good for you because it means you don’t have to plan any more drinks. All you need will be one for the males and another for the females. You can also make themes for drinks or an area of the bar for singles to meet.

This is a good idea, as some people don’t have dates when going to a wedding. It’s the best time and place to meet someone new.

The only problem is that the open bars are expensive. Since going over the budget is a bad event planning habit, you often forgo this idea. This is even if an open bar is perfect for the wedding.

There’s a great way to provide this for the event, though. Finding a sponsor is a good way to cover the expenses of the feature. Some have package deals to accommodate your needs for the wedding.

6. Bring Them Outdoors

There’s no better way to experience summer than to have an event outdoors. The gentle breeze and the sun on their skin will make the event memorable. It will also make it easier for the guests to take pictures with natural lighting.

You need perfect timing for the event right, though, if you want it to be successful. Holding the event at noon will cause everyone to become sweaty. This can cut the enjoyment in half and make people want the ceremony and reception to finish faster.

You can set up ways to provide shade for the guests to solve this. The only problem is that it will add costs that can put you over budget. The best way to solve this problem is to hold the event close to the evening instead.

The sun won’t be as strong but will still provide amazing light for photos. This also makes it cooler as night approaches. It then gives way for different events like a festive party to take place outside.

Though it’s a part of event management 101, remember to check the weather before planning the wedding to take place outdoors. You don’t want to be the reason the wedding becomes ruined because of rain. Summer showers are rare, but it’s better to take precautions against it.

7. Barbecues for Breakfast

Another trend for the summer is to hold barbecues for breakfast. This fits right into the summer feel and is also a great way to provide delicious food as it’s cooked.

Since most people love barbecues, you can also set it as an option for dinner. Including different fruits or vegetables will be a great way to balance the meat in a barbecue. You can also include seafood on the menu if the venue can provide it.

It’s a great way to please the palate of everyone in the event. This is as long as you hire an expert for the occasion. Hiring an experienced spit roast master is the best way to ensure a successful party.

8. Delicious and Refreshing Fruits

Summer is the peak of the harvest season for most fruits. This means you have a wide menu at the ready when you’re planning the event. You can use them for different elements of the wedding.

A good way to use them is as snacks to whet the guests’ appetites. Many weddings have most of the guests waiting at the reception venue while close friends and family members watch the groom and bride during the ceremony. This gives them something to keep them occupied but not make them full.

Some fruits like watermelons can also be ways to keep people hydrated. You can use them as creative alternatives for traditional goblets of water.

9. Naked Cakes

A naked cake is one that has no, if not a small amount of icing covering it. Berries and other fruits become the decoration of the cake instead. They also use buttercream to give the cake a nice texture and flavor.

This is a great way to experience the summer vibes on a plate. Being a naked cake is also a great way to express the raw beauty that summer brings.

They’re also great because they fit well into the budget. You only need to keep them out of the sun, as the buttercream is easy to melt.

10. Everything in Bloom

Most flowers are also in bloom during the summer. The sun helps them bring the best out of them. It makes them great inclusions in any wedding that takes place in the summer.

You can also include these in the dresses of the bride and her bridesmaids. Summer dresses are often simple and allow for many decorations. If you can't find a place for them on their dresses, you can include them as flower crowns.

These are a great way to include the natural beauty of summer into the wedding. These whimsical plants are great for great centerpieces, too.

11. Seaside and Beach Venues

Summer is all about going to the beach and enjoying the water with your friends. This makes these locations a great choice for a wedding in the summer. The breeze in the sea will provide a cool wind that counteracts the heat of summer.

Seaside venues are also great places to get fresh seafood. Keep this in mind if the couple wants seafood on their menu for the wedding.

12. Light or Neutral Gowns for Bridesmaids

Light colors are great at battling the summer heat. This made wearing light and neutral colors a trend for a wedding in the summer. You can suggest any color from light blue to beige to keep the wedding uniform to a degree.

These colors also look great in photos. This will make the photo of the bride with her bridesmaids a great one upon development. This also ensures the bridesmaids stay comfortable without sacrificing their looks at the wedding.

What’s great about these is that these colors are often cheaper than most. This is because most people want to be more noticeable than others. These neutral colors are a good choice for affordable summer guest dresses.

13. Clear Seating Charts

Most people don’t think changing something small like the seating chart will have much of an effect. This is until they realize that it removes unwanted colors and elements from the scenic view.

Most guests love taking pictures of their view from the table. Having the seating chart be transparent means they can get a better picture of what they can see. Doing this also means that their view of the background is clear and free of obstruction.

14. Picturesque Venues

As mentioned above, people love taking pictures of their view. This is especially true if their view is one that’s worthy of photos. Couples getting married know this and often want a picturesque wedding.

This is important because people have easier access to a camera nowadays. Their smartphones are enough to snap a picture of the scenery and background. You can also set up an area with a great background for them to have pictures in.

Plan the Best Summer Wedding!

There’s nothing better than celebrating the love between 2 people at a wedding. Summer is the best time for this because of the weather and the lighting it provides. Become the perfect wedding planner and plan the best summer wedding for the couple today!

Do you want to learn more about event planning and management? Contact us here to learn more about our expo on event management today! You can also read our blogs to learn more about being a successful event planner!

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