5 Out of This World Wedding Themes We Love

October 15, 2022 Desiree Homer

If there’s one landscape within the events industry that changes all the time, it’s wedding themes. And as we head into engagement season, New York event planners can keep a lookout for new hot wedding trends, design ideas, and unique wedding celebration experiences. Here’s our latest take on a few of the hottest trends you can use for inspiration.

1. Watch for Mismatched Colors to Become Popular

Many brides look for unique ways to make their wedding party, wedding theme, and wedding aesthetics stand out from anything else their guests have ever experienced. One trend involves the wedding party attire, with more and more brides allowing their bridesmaids to select their own dress styles within the same color scheme. However, some are anticipating another shift, now with brides bringing in mismatched colors in their bridal lineup. Look for brides to start asking for brilliant colors and diversity in their wedding themes for 2023.

2. Blush Pinks Are Still in Style

With all the talk of new and edgy wedding theme trends, don’t abandon some of the classics. Blush pinks are still in, across both traditional and modern wedding celebrations. Be ready to offer and innovate within those color palettes and soft pink shades of all things pretty and elegant. And these blush pinks are great colors for weddings occurring in all seasons!

3. Rustic Greens and Neutral Naturescapes

New York event professionals should also prepare for a movement to earthy, au naturale, and rustic wedding themes. Brides are looking for elegant greens and classic beiges to complement their outdoor nuptials. Expect brides to inquire about outdoor venues, garden landscapes, and forest canopies. And they’ll want all the best flora and fauna design ideas to make their rustic greens come to life in a big way.

4. Whimsical Violets, Blues, and Mauves

Another anticipated wedding theme trend involves a return to more traditional, formal, and classic celebrations. There is something whimsical about purples and shades of violets. But there’s also something alluring about deep navy colors and moody mauves. Brides are looking to introduce those darker tones across their designs, and event planners should be brainstorming for new ideas.

5. Boho Mustards and Golds

Another huge buzz among the wedding planner community is the request for Boho warm golds. Brides want warm yellows, soft oranges, and cozy mustards. Get creative with these color palettes as you meet with your new bridal clients this engagement season!

What are some of the ideas and wedding trends you’re hearing about lately? Consider these few favorites we’re seeing to help you prepare for another successful wedding planning season. And remember, the best place to find event design inspiration is at The Event Planner Expo. Keep reading our blog series to keep your finger on the pulse of the very latest in events!

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