5 Creative Wedding Details to Add Elegance to Any Setting

July 30, 2022 Jessica Stewart

There are some events that just require a bit more elegance than others. And as a New York event planner, those events are weddings. With so many new trends emerging for layout, décor, and themes, it can be hard to keep up with the latest wedding industry demands. And when your engaged couple wants a venue that’s less than formal, you’re going to have to get creative in transforming a not-so-elegant space into a celebration dripping with class and swag. Wedding details matter and sometimes you need some fresh ideas. Here are some tips and inspiration for adding elegance to any setting.

1. Turn Rustic into Elegant with the Right Linens

If the wedding you’re planning is an outdoor setting, with little to no room for fancy extras, you can make smart use of the right linens to add soft touches. Even the most rustic settings can transform into elegant wedding atmospheres with the right colors and textures added throughout the space. Drape the chairs, use cloth runners showcasing walkways, and cover tables. 

2. Classical Music Ambiance

Another touch of class wedding detail you can add involves an elegant choice of music. As guests arrive and are being seated, your bride client may already have music selected to play. But suggest other moments between those chosen tracks and throughout the celebration, having a small contingent of musicians on-hand, playing chamber music, or selecting favorites can be just the touch of elegance the event needs.

3. Double up on the Floral Arrangements

Event planners know that when it comes to weddings, the clients will be specific about floral arrangements and décor they prefer. But if you get the feeling the ambiance needs something more elegant, you can always suggest additional flowers. Trending in recent weddings, planners are making brilliant use of vines, greenery, and eye-catching floral color. Accent seating and tables, spruce up a fountain or hors d'oeuvre table. Wherever you find a spot that needs a boost of elegance, consider bringing in more flowers.

4. Calligraphy from Invitations to Signage

If you’re looking for wedding details to add in that will exude elegance, don’t forget to consider the element of writing. From invitations to guest list thank you notes, calligraphy, and elegant writing will inspire more upscale impressions. At the event itself, you can add in hand-written signage indicating snack options, sharing photo booth instructions, and even as dining place settings. Those long, wispy lines on paper can add elegance to every guest touch point.

5. Serve up Elegance on the Menu

Your wedding clients will have budgets to be mindful of when selecting their dining menu for the big day. But as the event planner, you can suggest certain snacks, sides, and beverages to have available that introduce elegance to the experience. Don’t just serve finger foods; go with the Prosciutto and parmesan bites. Mashed potatoes are boring. But lobster mashed potatoes with cream butter is more elegant. And an ice sculpture full of shrimp is almost always a welcome choice among guests.

New York event planners are always open to new ideas for adding elegance to their wedding events. Consider some of these suggestions for inspiration when planning your next wedding. And don’t forget, the best place to find even more inspiration, where the biggest influencers in the events, hospitality, and marketing industries come together, is The Event Planner Expo 2022. Get in touch with The Expo team if you want to showcase your company as an exhibitor or sponsor!

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