Are You Ready for Engagement Season? 6 Tips to Prepare

September 14, 2022 Desiree Homer

Heading into fall, New York event planners are bracing and preparing for their busy season. You’ll have year-end parties to plan, corporate gatherings to put together, and holiday festivities to coordinate. But if you also specialize in wedding planning, you’re also heading into the busy season for engagements. Kicking off at Thanksgiving and throughout Valentine’s Day, more couples get engaged than at any other time of year. Here’s what you can be doing now, as a New York event planner, to prepare for this surge in new potential clients.

1. Get Your Website Ready

You might already have a beautifully designed site, but if newly engaged couples don’t see your wedding planning specialties front and center, they’ll keep scrolling. To prepare for the upcoming wedding season, consider sprucing up your home page with banner text or fresh messaging for the newly engaged to see. Consider building dedicated landing pages that feature all of your wedding planning services in one convenient and easy-to-read format. Be liberal with your CTAs, too, directing visitors to call or connect with you.

2. Update Your Advertising

If you’re running ads or have campaigns in place now, change up the messaging to reflect the upcoming engagement season. Email marketing sequences, Google Ads, and social media advertising should all speak to those couples who will be newly engaged.

3. Start Posting on Social

Get your event planning business profiles on social media updated and fresh with new and relevant content. Data suggests that more than 80% of newly engaged folks conduct their vendor research on social media. So, if your images and posts are outdated or don’t specifically speak to the wedding planning audience, you’ll miss out on leads during this busy season. 

4. Google My Business

Because many of the couples who get engaged this year are going to start their online research with a Google search, it’s best to verify and update your Google My Business listing. Sure, you can explore Google Ads and other marketing tools. But GMB is a great place to start to ensure your business shows up in the SERP. 

5. Prepare Wedding Planning Packages

Consider creating new packages just for those who are looking for a little help with their wedding planning. List all the problems you can solve, details you can manage, and vendors you can coordinate on their behalf. Develop tiers of options that offer to meet a variety of budgets. And don’t hesitate to create an incentive or two, including a “newly engaged special,” so your services provide a value proposition for booking your business now.

6. Provide FAQs and Automations

There will be some common questions you can address immediately for those who browse online. Consider creating an FAQ section on your website or quick link, providing all the helpful information they need while simultaneously leading them to take the next step to contact you. Automations are important, too, including scheduling tools, for efficient engagement.


Engagement season is coming, so consider these insights to help you prepare your event planning business for the best results. And improve your planning service platforms by attending The Event Planner Expo 2022 this October! Gain valuable advice and form strategic partnerships to position your New York event planning company as a leader in the wedding space! Get tickets now!

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