Event Professionals & Work-Life Balance: 5 Things to Know

January 6, 2023 Jessica Stewart

The new year always feels like a clean slate opportunity. As a New York event planner, now’s your chance to lay in some new habits and routines to improve your business and your mindset. It’s also imperative that you practice great work-life balance, too. Don’t wait until you’re over-stressed, overwhelmed, or burnt out to affect change. Instead, consider these insights now so you can be your best self with the most energy and mindfulness all year long.

1. Setting Goals and Boundaries

Achieving an effective work-life balance starts with boundaries. As you set new goals for yourself and your event planning business this year, don’t forget to set those ground rules, too. Remove unnecessary time-wasting activities and toxic people. Identify those areas of your life and work that generate the most stress. Then you can establish boundaries to prevent and reduce those stresses in 2023.

2. Working from Home

Give yourself permission to work from home from time to time. Yes, you’re in the people business and need to be “seen” in person all the time. But scheduling work-from-home days for yourself to make calls or work on email campaigns can be just as productive. And you’ll feel less pressure when you can have a day at home to get ahead and recharge.

3. Staying Healthy

Nothing else matters in your event planning business or your life if you’re not healthy. Consider setting goals for yourself every day or week to make healthier decisions about exercise, eating, and resting. Pack healthier snacks when you’re on the go. Give yourself permission to take a Sunday nap. And instead of the elevator, take the stairs. Additionally, with continued concerns about flu or COVID variants, pack the masks, wash your hands more frequently, and hit the sanitizers often to help reduce your risks.

4. Leverage All the Tech

For many New York event professionals, time management is the driving force behind all the stress. If you struggled last year with time-wasting activities, with clients, online, or chasing sales, it’s time to change things up in 2023. Start by exploring all the available technology and software solutions created FOR PLANNERS who need solutions and automation for their hectic schedules. From event tech, you can use with clients to business-savvy tech you can use in-house to streamline your operations, find one, three, or more solutions that bring all the time-saving benefits you need to make the most of every second.

5. Expressing Gratitude Often

Another powerful yet simple change you can make to improve your work-life balance is expressing gratitude. Whether you’re tracking in a gratitude journal or sharing gratitude with others, the act of reflection can do wonders for your mood and vibe. Commit to sending hand-written thank you notes to colleagues, staff, event sponsors, or special guests. You’ll be expressing gratitude which is good for you while you’re building relationships with those around you, which is good for your event planning business.

Start your 2023 off on the right foot with your best work-life balance commitment. Keep these suggestions in mind as you create your strategies for your life and business this year. And you can share your success with others when you attend The Event Planner Expo 2023 this October! Learn more about the remaining exhibitor and sponsorship opportunities before they’re gone!

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