The Future of Work: What Your Event Business Can Expect in 2023

December 29, 2022 Desiree Homer

The future of events and work, in general, is still shifting. As a New York event planner, it’s your flexibility and ability to anticipate change that will allow you to stay at the top of your game. While there isn’t a crystal ball to consult, we can offer insights about trends happening now and predictions for the future of work in 2023. These are some of the dynamics to keep on your radar, so you can prepare to adapt to whatever the future of events holds this year.

Less Quantity, More Quality Events

With the increased adoption of the virtual event and hybrid experiences, many event industry leaders are predicting that clients will cut back on the number of events they plan this year. Companies are cutting back on quantity and substituting more quality event engagements instead. Brands will be looking to cut costs, too, meaning they’ll be more apt to have fewer yet more substantial hybrid events throughout the year. 

Technology-centric Events

Event planning professionals will be turning to innovative technology more and more as a method of improving event experiences. From event mobile apps to VR, technology is streamlining how event pros consider entertainment, engagement, and efficiencies. Additionally, New York event planners are turning to tech as a method for solving problems, too. It’s the tech that will allow you to manage your teams, coordinate your vendors, and evaluate your data more efficiently.

Data Privacy Challenges

The future of work in the events industry is going to include a few challenges, one of the biggest being data privacy. With all the new technology we just mentioned comes collecting, storing, and sharing concerns. Data breaches are inherently more prominent today, too, leaving event planners wondering how they can improve their methods of protecting sensitive data. Prepare now by working with your legal and IT partners to establish rules for data security. And recognize that while you’re in a creative industry known for out-of-the-box solutions and shortcuts, data privacy has to remain rigid and intentional to be effective.

Tomorrow’s Workforce Dynamics

There’s a lot of talk about “quiet quitting” and companies widely adopting remote or hybrid workforces. As an event planner, you can be mindful of these trends for sure. But it may also impact your events in other ways. Labor shortages could be plaguing your vendors, too, including venues and catering services. As you lay in your hiring best practices for your own event planning business, keep the conversation about workforce challenges open with all your event partners. Together you can collectively identify pitfalls and brainstorm solutions to ensure your events are fully staffed and seamless.

As you prepare for your biggest and best year yet as an event planner, consider these insights into the future of events and work that will affect your success trajectory. And remember, you can tap into all the resources and event planning advice you need by attending The Event Planner Expo 2023! Be sure you’re on the waitlist so you can keep up with all the big announcements and amazing opportunities for this year's conference!

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