New Tech Tools Event Professionals Should Look for in 2023

December 15, 2022 Desiree Homer

Let’s talk event tech in 2023. There's always going to be some new and exciting tech on the market, designed to improve how you save time, engage event guests, and build your event planning business. Here are some of the most exciting improvements to consider adopting into your methods in the new year.

Event Management Tools

Start exploring the vast selection of event management tools you have available to you. These might include ticketing and registration resources, guest contact tools, event reporting, and access management. There are suites of software solutions designed expressly to save you time and event budgets, all while increasing your client and attendee satisfaction rates.

Event Engagement Tools

Get comfortable with event apps, not only to engage attendees but also to promote your event planning services. Hybrid event adoption continues to be widespread, and engagement tools like chat channels, polling surveys, and virtual applause tools are absolute must-haves. Explore other tools, too, including cross-device compatibility resources and loads of social media integration tools.

Event Content Tools

Content continues to be king in 2023, especially for event planners. What are you sharing and communicating to your audiences? If you’re exploring improvements, look for some of the innovative tech-based content tools you have at your disposal. These include agenda builders and content editing software, registration management tools, and online guest speaker portals. 

Event Sponsorship Tools

Capitalize on your opportunity to land event sponsorships by harnessing the power of the slew of sponsorship management tools now available. Get better at developing and selling event sponsorships, along with other tools that deliver metrics and track sponsor impression results. Taking it a step further, be on the lookout for incredible tech tools and software that improves how you manage and score leads, either as event clients or sponsors.

Event Tech You Wear

Leap into the future by introducing all the fun and engaging wearable tech available right now. Smart badges are dominating the corporate conference and event spaces, allowing guests to register effortlessly and tap badges with others to exchange information digitally. If you want to really feel “James Bond,” you can check out the Google Glasses and Bluetooth rings capable of performing smartphone tasks. 

If you’re looking for a competitive edge to elevate your New York events this year, start exploring the full roster of event tech and innovations designed to save time, improve engagement, streamline experiences, and boost revenue. And check out all the cool tech options on the trade show floor at The Event Planner Expo 2023! Get on the waitlist now!

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