4 Cool Gadgets That Breath Life Into Your Event

November 24, 2022 Mario Stewart

When you’re able to create an immersive experience with your event, attendees walk away having been more than just a guest. They leave with new knowledge, memorable experiences, and enthusiasm. So, what can you be introducing to your corporate events, fundraising galas, and social celebrations to improve those experiences? Cool tech, of course! Check out these innovations and gadgets that can breathe new life into your engagement strategy.

1. Throwable Microphones Are Fun

When you’re planning an event with crowd participation, stop wasting time by passing around the microphone. Instead, check out the latest throwable microphone, which is not only quick and easy to use, but it’s also kind of fun! These microphones are enclosed in a protective material, so the occasional blunder won’t break anything. They’re lightweight and plush, so guests won’t get hurt either if catching isn’t their forte. Check out brands like Qball or Catchbox to explore options and bring the throwable microphone to your next New York conference or event.

2. Audience Responsive Software

Get your guests involved in those corporate meetings and conference presentations using responsive software apps. Share speaker slides with your attendees on their devices, create live polls, and field audience questions. Involve your attendees with apps like Glisser, MeetingPulse, and MeetApp, and they’ll be eager to participate!

3. Digital Touch Collaboration Walls

If your New York event calls for something truly innovative and interactive, consider bringing in digital touch collaboration wall technology. These tech-infused digital boards can do just about anything with a touch, great for brainstorming corporate meetings or collaborative get-togethers. It can also be a high-tech element for guest book signing, a fun and creative coloring exercise for kids, or just a general sentiment doodling space for guests attending the event. Check out companies like MultiTaction or Pixel Paint to explore these collaboration walls for your next New York event!

4. Virtual Reality Headsets

Invite your guests to transport themselves to other worlds with Oculus virtual reality technology! These are often fun and sometimes hilarious to experience, as headsets and designated mat spaces allow guests to go on adventures, walk tightropes, and scale mountains! These innovative additions to your event can be catered to corporate themes, team-building exercises, or unique experiences. And they’re great as entertainment, as well. VR headsets will often be huge for social media promotion, too, as guests record themselves and ultimately promote the success and fun of your special event.

Don’t just invite guests to your New York event; invite them to your event experience with the use of these cool gadgets and tech. Allow them to participate, not just spectate, and every event you plan will be more engaging!

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