Software Solutions Perfect for Managing Event Data

November 11, 2022 Jessica Stewart

New York event planners can stay efficient with the help of the right apps, tools, and software solutions. Tasks and organization that used to take manual effort and led to hundreds of bright yellow sticky note reminders everywhere don’t have to be the norm. Today, there are a host of incredibly easy-to-use and time-saving digital resources available that allow event professionals to grow and stay on top of all their events. Here are a few you might consider exploring.


Imagine managing your events without the need for customer service. This 100% mobile responsive platform offers two levels of data management on the back end. Drag and drop ideas, use free integrations, and build an event site with native analytics you can tap into for immediate results.


For those events you’re planning that involve ticket sales, check out TicketSpice. This platform is perfect for creating customizable ticketing platforms. And it’s popular, too, because it’s so affordable and easy to use.


This popular event management platform is a data-rich solution that provides all the resources needed to manage events. Engage your attendees, activate communities, and see in real-time what campaigns are working.

Webex Events

This digital solution, formerly called Socio, makes it super easy for event planners to develop well-branded mobile event apps. Create user-friendly apps for all your New York conferences and corporate events, attracting and engaging attendees in a relevant way. 


This flexible event management solution is another great resource in the arsenal. GTR’s platform allows event organizers to manage attendance tracking, online registrations, lead retrievals, virtual event hosting, and even badge printing. It’s great for New York conference environments, trade shows, and corporate events.

Glue Up

This is another favorite data solution tool, perfect for webinars and workshops. This automated platform makes event planning more efficient and much quicker. Whether you’re planning a small team-building event or a multi-day corporate summit with thousands of guests, Glue Up helps you coordinate and organize easily.

Consider these popular data solutions for your event planning efforts. Any tools you can use to streamline your organization and execution steps can be time and money-saving. And remember, New York event planners can always find the latest trends and best resources by attending and networking at the biggest event conference of the year - The Event Planner Expo 2023! Get on the waitlist today, and don’t miss a single announcement or update as we countdown to another incredible year.

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