Event Mobile Apps: 6 Things to Know

December 28, 2022 Jessica Stewart

The event planning landscape has certainly changed over the years. And one of the most popular innovations event professionals are using these days are event mobile apps. If you’re not using apps to engage and invite attendees to your virtual events, corporate conferences, or even bar/bat mitzvahs, you’re missing out on a slew of incredible advantages. Mobile apps take up three hours of a user’s day, according to recent studies. And you can tap into that usage in a big way. Here’s what a mobile app can do for your event, along with key perks you can be prepared to leverage.

1. Increasing Attendee Engagement

Improve the attendee experience by using a mobile app they can access for all the details, latest announcements, and gentle reminders about your events. Don’t just engage once with a traditional invite and hope they show up on the day of the event. Instead, create a mobile app around your conference or celebration and invite guests, sponsors, vendors, and advertisers to download it for discounts and perks leading up to the big day. The more engaged your guests are prior to your event, the better chance you have of them attending.

2. Information Dissemination, Simplified

When you offer a mobile app for an event, you essentially have a dedicated platform to communicate with everyone. Event planners know that details can change, and the quickest, most effective way to disseminate information is with your event app. From reminders about parking to building anticipation, it’s the event app that will allow you to broadcast your information to your captured audience.

3. Save Money in a Big Way

Having a sustainable app for your event will save your valuable budget in a big way. In today’s age of connectivity, you can use your app to connect vendors and teams. But you can also substitute the mobile connection in place of the more expensive event signage, printed flyers, enrollment forms, and check-in verifications. Eliminate the costly and unnecessary steps when you can handle these tasks and discussions digitally with a dedicated mobile event app.

4. Gain Insights with Event Mobile App Metrics

Another key advantage of using an event mobile app is the data. You’ll have real-time access to metrics about attendee engagement, event registrations, and participation. These analytics will tell you what works and what doesn’t work and will allow you to make on-the-fly improvements to ensure your event is successful.

5. Generate Revenue

Not only will a mobile app for your event save money, but it can also be a revenue generator for you. Customization is key and can boost ticket sales and sponsorships. Your app is essentially a direct line to your event audience, providing you with a dedicated channel for upselling experiences, too. Don’t just save money with an app; use yours to help generate revenue!

6. Connect Virtual and In-Person Guests at Once

Today’s in-person events are transitioning to include virtual connections to create a hybrid experience. And when your attendees are all over the country or the globe, it’s the mobile app that collectively connects them all to your updates and information. Instead of time-consuming traditional channels, like email for some guests, calls for others, and social media posts you hope become visible for more, use an event mobile app and connect with all of your audience conveniently - and all at once.

Make event mobile apps part of your event planning business and start leveraging these incredible benefits! Speaking of benefits, are you on the waitlist yet for The Event Planner Expo 2023? Sign up now, so you don’t miss a single announcement!

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