11 Apps Event Pros Should Be Using But Aren't Yet

January 17, 2023 Jessica Stewart

It used to be that New York event planners only needed one, maybe two, event planning apps to facilitate events. But it’s 2023. And, naturally, there’s a slew of innovative apps with new software and easy-to-learn features worth your time. Even if you love the apps you’re currently using, check out this master roster of event-planning apps that you might not be using but definitely should consider.

1. nTask

Consider this cloud-based collaboration platform, which is great for busy New York event planners. Manage tasks and share files with others to better track your progress and deadlines with nTask.

2. WildApricot

Check out WildApricot, which allows you to simplify and automate tasks. It’s a great option for managing multiple accounts in one place., too. It integrates with other platforms, making it a favorite among event planners.

3. Airtable

Not using Airtable yet? Definitely check out this workflow management tool, which is ideal for collaborating with others and optimizing team event planning.

4. Cvent Attendee Hub Event App

Another leading app in the event planning space is CrowdCompass, now called Cvent Attendee Hub Event App. It’s a great mobile app tool for events and conferences, connecting attendees and coordinating timelines for each in-person and virtual event.

5. Hubilo Mobile App

If you’re looking for a virtual or hybrid-related event app that harnesses great features and provides incredible analytics about each event, explore the many benefits of Hublio

6. EventMobi

EventMobi is another brilliant option for personalized mobile event apps. Integration and customization are this app’s superpower, making virtual event planning a breeze.

7. SwapCard

Consider the SwapCard platform, with a “studio” dashboard that allows event planners to coordinate in-person and virtual events in one convenient space. It’s a highly-rated software with intuitive features and customizable options.

8. Whova

Want an award-winning event management software in your arsenal? Check out Whova, the official Winner of the “Best App” at the Event Technology Awards. Event registration, event management, and event marketing are made easy with this intuitive software solution.

9. Hopin Mobile App

Hopin is another worthwhile consideration for event planners looking for new tools. This app allows for incredible video networking, online and in-person event experiences, and real-time participation. It’s the perfect “network on the go” solution.

10. Pathable

This app may not seem as visually appealing or engaging as some of the other options. However, this event app goes above and beyond, often hailed as “more than mobile.” Pathable presents desktop and iPad app interfaces that make it a great solution for older audiences or those not tapping into mobile apps.

11. vFairs

Another well-known app that you might not yet be using is vFairs. This mobile app is a game-changer for event organization and management. As one of the first solutions for virtual event platforms, vFairs is now also a convenient mobile app and continues to be a top choice among event professionals.

Keep these incredibly useful apps in mind as you seek to improve how you plan and execute New York events this year. And don’t forget to reserve your coveted spot on the tradeshow floor this October at The Event Planner Expo 2023!

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