4 Unique Event Design Ideas for Event Planners in NY

November 25, 2022 Susan Serena

When event planners in NY are planning an event, it can be easy to get stuck in a rut.

But if you're looking for ideas that will help turn out a unique experience, look no further than these tips!

Idea #1: Create a theme

You could start by working with a theme. This is a great way for event planners in NY to tie all the event’s elements together and will give attendees a reason to commemorate it in their memories.

A theme could be anything from “a winter wonderland” to “an underwater fantasy world” or even “an underwater fantasy world filled with snowmen who are trying to solve the mystery of why they can’t feel their noses!” The possibilities are endless.

Here are some ideas for themes:

A pirate’s paradise: Set up your event on a ship, or even just at a dock. Put an anchor on the table and hang a lantern from the ceiling. Encourage everyone to come dressed as pirates.

A summertime dance: Set up your location with plenty of outdoor tables and chairs, along with some colorful decorations like balloons or streamers. Play some fun music and have a costume contest for best outfit (or maybe your guests can all wear Hawaiian shirts).

A winter wonderland: Set up your event at a ski lodge, or even just in someplace that has an outdoors area. Put down fake snow or sand around the tables and set up a tent for cover if it rains. Have everyone come dressed as an elf or reindeer.

A magical forest: Set up your party in a forest or somewhere outdoors that has trees. Play some fun music and have everyone come dressed as fairies or elves.

The world of Narnia: Set up your party in a place that looks like Narnia. Have everyone come dressed as one of the characters from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe or Prince Caspian. If you don’t have any costumes, just bring props from the movie like swords or crowns.

You can also choose to go with a specific color scheme. This is another way to tie all your event’s elements together, and it gives you a good starting point for planning the rest of your decorating efforts.

For example, if you decide that all of your centerpieces should be blue and white because those are the colors of your company logo, then all you have to do is start shopping for blue and white items instead of searching through every color in the rainbow trying to find something that works well together.

Idea #2: Use your space creatively

The most important thing you can do as an event planner in NY is use the space to its full potential. This means using it not only to create a theme, but also to show off your brand, creativity and personality.

For example, if your event is an awards ceremony that features content creators with large social media followings, you could keep them in the spotlight by creating a backdrop out of their logos or hashtags. This will not only help attendees recognize who’s being honored but also give them something that they can take home after the awards are handed out, and post on all their social media accounts!

Idea #3: Mix in branded decor

A great way to take your brand from the background to the forefront is by adding branded decor.

This can include anything from drinkware, tablecloths and napkins that feature your logo or brand colors, to signage that shows off your company’s mission statement or values.

You can:

·         Use branded decor to help your brand stand out. If you want to make sure people know who you are, branded decor is a great way to do that. People can't miss it!

·         Use branded decor to give your brand more personality and make it feel more relatable. People love when brands are personable, so use a little decor to help express yourself in an authentic way at events

·         Use branded decor because it makes everything feel more personal and authentic--and helps people remember their experience with you better (and they'll come back for more).

Idea #4: Add some greenery

Greenery is a great way to add color, texture, and interest to your event. Whether you use it as a backdrop or accent piece, greenery can really make an impact on your guests.

Greenery can be used in many ways:

  • as table centerpieces or accents
  • behind the bar
  • lining the entrance
  • lining staircases
  • lining aisleways at events (such as weddings)
  • as a backdrop for photos lining the walkway to your event as room dividers or screens Idea


Hopefully, these four tips have given you some ideas for your next event. The best place to get ideas to create unique events is attending The Event Planner Expo in New York. This event is the ultimate resource for event planners in NY, and it will help you get inspired and give you all the tips, tricks, and tools that you need to create the perfect event. Click here to get on the waiting list!

Remember, there’s no one way to create an amazing design! You can take all these ideas and combine them together in whatever way works best for you, or even come up with an entirely new idea that nobody has ever thought of before. Good luck, and happy planning!


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