5 Gift Bag Goodies to Go with Your Themed Corporate Events

August 14, 2023 Mario Stewart

Corporate events are an essential part of company culture, meaning they must be engaging to make employees feel a sense of belonging and camaraderie. As discussed in a previous post, themed events allow all guests to have fun and create new memories. But whether you’re planning a party, a team-building activity, or a product launch, sticking close to your theme is crucial.

Besides the venue design and decorations, this includes providing themed gift bags to attendees as a token of appreciation. So, here are a few ideas of gift bag goodies that are not only unique and functional but, most importantly, go with your themed corporate events.

1. Sunscreen for a beach theme

It goes without saying that beach-themed events are perfect for the summer season. Your guests will appreciate finding travel-sized sunscreens in their gift bags since this practical item can help them beat the heat and protect their skin, especially if the event is outdoors. Remember to choose mineral sunscreens that offer UV protection without harming the environment with chemicals like oxybenzone. To add, the all-natural formula of sunscreen products from brands like dōTERRA can be a great fit for all your guests regardless of their skin type—even those whose sensitive skin would otherwise be irritated from chemical sunscreens.

2. Disposable cameras for vintage festivities

With the resurgence of all things vintage and analog, there’s no better way to bring back nostalgia than by giving away disposable cameras to your guests. These single-use film cameras fit into the overall vibe of vinyl records, disco balls, and retro outfits. But beyond bringing a little throwback for your guests, these party favors also allow them to memorialize the event and capture it through their own eyes. Trusted camera brands like Fujifilm and Kodak sell disposable cameras for less than $20, but you can also scour online marketplaces for better deals and greater selections.

3. Sunglasses for Hollywood-inspired parties

Hollywood-inspired parties are a surefire way to get attendees to dress up, and what can complete a glam outfit better than a pair of sunglasses? Sunglasses are ideal gift bag goodies not only because they can be ordered online and in bulk but also due to the wide range of frame styles that allow you to choose fun and unique pairs. For instance, you can get the classic Disclosure round gold sunglasses via Eyebuydirect for your guests who want to feel like the titular character in the cult classic, Léon: The Professional, or let the ones dressed up in Old Hollywood glam channel their inner Audrey Hepburn through the Erica statement sunglasses in black.

4. Scented candles for seasonal gatherings

It’s also common to use the seasons as a theme, from flower-filled festivities in spring to Halloween or pumpkin patch events in the fall. Regardless of which seasonal event you wish to highlight, a way to make the gathering more memorable for the attendees is to infuse it with aroma through specially made scented candles. Floral notes like peonies are suited for spring, while fruity and citrus smells capture the energetic summer vibe. Meanwhile, pumpkin spice and pine trees are signature scents for autumn and winter, respectively. Every time the guests light up these candles at home, they can feel transported back to the event itself.

5. Office plants for rustic outdoor events

Lastly, if you’re hosting an event with a rustic outdoor venue like an orchard or botanical garden, then guests will be delighted to receive a small potted plant. It’s best to choose low-maintenance plants that can liven up offices and workspaces, such as aloe plants that can sit on a sun-filled window sill or pothos, which can simply be groomed and trimmed using office scissors. Aside from serving as workplace decor, indoor plants are also known to enhance air quality and mental well-being.

If you want to extend corporate event themes beyond invitations and menu ideas, well-thought-out gift bags are the perfect solution. By preparing these goodies for events, organizations can ensure that employees from all levels will look forward to attending more events in the future.

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