8 Holiday Party Ideas for 2022

May 17, 2022 Jessica Stewart

Parties are about having a good time and making an impression. If you’re going to be planning a party in 2022 then you might as well make the event epic. When it comes to throwing an original party, you can do much more than just a signature drink. What you can bring is a unique party experience that will be the highlight of the year. Coming up with ideas for holiday party ideas for 2022 requires creativity and pragmatism. Want to wow your holiday party guests in 2022? Try these ideas we have for you. 

Rent a Movie Theater for an Evening

2022 has some great movie releases coming up. Top actors like Jared Leto, Jason Statham, Idris Elba, and Regina Hall all have movies currently in the works. Everyone enjoys a nice flick, especially with friends. Now, more than ever, people are thrilled to be going to the movies again. Renting an entire theater for your guests will give them a memorable viewing experience.  To make it even more fun and inclusive, you could do a raffle with the movie titles to determine which one to watch. 

Cookie Exchange Party

With YouTube, making simple meals is no longer beyond anyone. A quick YouTube search will return hundreds of instructional videos on how to make cookies. Your guests or colleagues don’t even have to make the cookies, they can buy them. The idea is to have a party where everyone brings a unique cookie, then everyone exchanges their cookies. This is a party designed to be fun while encouraging sharing and interacting.A cookie party is also a family-friendly affair where employees or clients can bring their loved ones along. This is especially great if your brand has a family-friendly reputation, or hopes to get one. 

The Tailgate Party with a Barbeque

You can never go wrong with barbeque. Nothing says ‘community’ more than a good barbeque and maybe some cocktails. In 2022, you don’t have to worry about excluding any vegetarian or vegan colleagues because vegan burgers are all the rage. An all-inclusive barbeque party in the parking lot might just be what you need to blow off some steam with colleagues. To make the party as informal as any party should be, everyone can bring their cars and supplies in the trunk. A gathering of laid-back colleagues is sure to break the ice and let everyone interact informally.

Karaoke and a Band

Karaoke is good, but karaoke with a live band is epic. Hiring a band might not be as expensive as you assume, especially if you search well and make early bookings. The idea is to have the karaoke singer feel like they’re performing at a live show. The band will provide the music and your colleagues provide the voices. As a bonus, karaoke is great for building confidence. This is a highly Instagramable party, meaning that the memories created will be forever on the internet. These are the kinds of parties that not only allow you to entertain your current colleagues, but also enhance your brand’s image by making your office look like a fun place to work at.

Botox and High Society

If you have a group of high society prospects and clients that you want to entertain, might we suggest a Botox party? Botox injection is the world’s most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment. The idea is to have a doctor with some Botox injections at the location. Anyone who wishes to try some can get the typically painless injection. You’re probably not going to pay the doctor for enough Botox to make any significant changes to your attendee’s faces, but they’re none the wiser. The whole idea is to be different. The injections would be voluntary because there are most likely guests who would not want the injection.

Destination Party

Get people out of their usual spaces if you can! A destination party is two fun events rolled into one. There’s the road trip or flight to the destination, then there’s the party itself.  Let your guests immerse themselves in a different space for the day. Have different cultural elements such as dances, food, and performances. The destination party is both entertaining and informative. Your guests are unlikely to forget the experience because it’s unlikely to be something they’ve done before. The destination party also provides awesome content for your company’s social media. 

Rocking on Rocks

How hardcore can you guys get? A hike is a beautiful idea especially if your colleagues or employees love a challenge. Hikes can get risky and expensive, especially if the locations are exotic. Since this is a one-day party affair, find a trail that is not too far away. Ensure that no specialty gear is required, to keep the costs reasonable. A short hike where everyone can participate safely might be the best way to party differently in 2022.

Boards, Cards, and Games

Have you been challenged by a junior at a game of scrabble, or perhaps chess? How decent is your gaming? Boards, cards, and games are competitive yet fun. These are activities that are relatively safe yet indulging. Top it all off with an epic cocktail bar and you’ve got a real party on your hands. For good measure, have a nearby restaurant on call for snacks to keep the party-goers energized.

Now, that is how to have an epic holiday party in 2022.


Your holiday party ideas for 2022 should represent who you are. Parties, despite being informal, are an extension of your brand. As an investment into your brand, you should not shy away from trying the unique. If you want to meet the best of the best event planners and venues, then don’t forget to get your tickets to The Event Planner Expo 2022!

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