How the Right Floral Arrangements Can Elevate Your Event Atmosphere

August 23, 2023 Jessica Stewart

As an event planner curating celebrations for New York clients, you’re always looking for great designs and decor to elevate the event atmosphere. And while you’re going to need brilliant lighting, audiovisual, and color combinations, don’t overlook the value of floral arrangements. Finding the right florist partner who can bring in fresh and colorful bouquets can be groundbreaking for your event engagement. Today, we’ll share how the right floral complements every New York event you curate.

Centerpiece Elegance

One of the most common and beautiful ways to incorporate flowers into your New York event is with elegant centerpieces. Introduce splashes of freshness and color to dress up the table seating experience. And with so many floral combinations from which to choose, your florist partner can help you decide on an arrangement that complements your themes.

Showcasing Other Elements

Flower arrangements make for great accent pieces, showcasing various elements of your New York event. For example, maybe use a greenery bouquet to spruce up the dessert table. Bring calming colors and aromas to a coffee station. Or wow event guests with big, blooming bouquets adorning the door prize table. Call attention to any aspect of your event with gorgeous arrangements that delight.

Great for Eco-Friendly Themes

Instead of using balloons or other synthetic materials for event decorations, bring in the blooms for an eco-friendly alternative! From vines and plants to vases and accent decor, floral arrangements are always a welcome addition to any event theme.

Bursts of Brilliant Color

The most evident contribution that the right floral arrangements can make to your NYC event is color. Find an event services florist partner who can bring in all kinds of colors and bursts of pigment that bring an event space to life. Tie in with your event themes and make your venue more vibrant, more relaxed, or more luxurious with just the right use of colorful flowers.

Send Them Home with Guests

Flowers aren’t just pretty to look at as decorations. They can also be giveaways as take-home gifts to your event guests. Invite attendees to take home floral centerpieces and watch them leave with a smile. Or you could add some excitement to the giveaway by hosting a drawing to select guests at random. Either way, allowing them to take home a beautiful piece of your event can make a lasting impression.

Engages Sight, Smell, and Touch 

As an event planner, you know the key to any successful event is your ability to connect with your guests. And that means introducing elements that appeal to all five senses. Floral arrangements are great additions because they speak to three of those senses. Big, beautiful bouquets are aesthetically pleasing to experience visually. Guests will reach out and touch them to confirm they’re real. And soft aromas throughout the spaces of your venue can be relaxing and welcoming.

Floral Arrangements As Stunning First Impressions

Even if your particular corporate event or social celebration doesn’t call for centerpieces or floral accent pieces, you can still use flowers to make big first impressions at your event’s entrance. Fundraising galas and red-carpet events always benefit from gorgeous floral arrangements at the venue’s entryway. And corporate meetings and conferences can be more welcoming with arrangements at the sign-in stations or registration tables. Beautify your event’s first impressions and dazzle your attendees with stunning floral arrangements.

Wearable Floral for Special Guests

Weddings are big events that make smart use of floral as wearables, usually with boutonnière or corsages. But other events can be accented with flowers as a way to celebrate special guests or guests of honor. Milestone birthday parties, anniversary parties, retirement parties, and even mitzvahs can all use foliage pieces to celebrate. Think flower garlands, floral crowns, and corsages to identify key attendees.

Dress Up Your Photo Booths and Selfie Stations

Nearly every New York event you curate can benefit from a fun photo or video booth. You might stage step-and-repeat backdrops or selfie stations for guests to enjoy, too. And all those social media posts can be even more brilliant when you design these areas with colorful floral arrangements. From pillars adorned with ivy to expansive living walls, plants, and flowers are always great compliments to event pictures.

Choosing the Right NYC Florist

Coordinating your brilliant team of event services partners means also choosing the right NYC florist. Network often and start building a list of go-to floral professionals who can bring magic to your events with floral arrangements. Be mindful of niche events they service and identify which florist is best suited for your event type and theme. 

And to meet a slew of incredible florists, you’ll want to get your tickets to The Event Planner Expo 2023! Thousands of event professionals, including planners and service providers, will be there. And it’s your chance to form new strategic partnerships with those who can infuse your New York events with incredible floral aesthetics. 

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